Politicizing Tragedy?

I have no words to express how bad I feel about the tragic killings at Virginia Tech, but I have to wonder what possessed Deputy White House Press Secretary, Dana Perino when she immediately politicized the tragedy with her comments this morning.

Show some god-damned restraint woman! You could have waited until tomorrow to drag the meaning of the 2nd Amendment into the discussion.


Politicizing tragedy is the hallmark of the Bush regime. Look how they politicized 9/11 to their own benefit.
they keep on stooping lower.
cause crossfire would have made the students safer
Yep, more guns...that's the answer.

She just couldn't leave it alone...
I agree with Sumo. Let it be. Wait until the anti-gun lobby starts politicizing it, and when (and if) they do, call them out for doing so and address their concerns at that time.

Seriously, sometimes I think these guys are living centuries in the past.
I think they are worried that we will equate the violence that occurred here with the violence we cause in Iraq and they would much rather it be about the 2nd Amendment. Don't look at Iraq. Forget about it. Nothing to see.
McCain mentioned it too. Try to cover up the story with the second amendment and maybe people will forget to think.

This morning I'm numb and confused. Where do we start to make things better and when do we begin?
Typically insensitive.
I didn't wait. It was the first thing I thought of as soon as I started thinking again. But I'm right and she works at the White House. Of course she's only guilty of staying in a job where she acts as a puppet to supervillains.

I'm a bit chippy today.
I swear I'm going to have to move to the East Coast just to keep up with all your comments. You all do sleep, right? :-)

Anyway... I actually read an earlier version of Perino's quote that addressed the 2nd Amendment more directly. It almost sounded like she was mocking the victims. Must have been inaccurate, because the SF Chronicle removed it from a later version of the article.

PoP, I saw that McCain weighed in on the issue. Haven't read the article yet.
Let's see. Yesterday, Bush also managed to invoke the "lessons of 9/11" again, and in the same suit and tie, he said he and Laura felt real bad for the victims of this terrible shooting in Virginia.

This shooting isn't about the 2nd amendment, it's just a full blown tragedy, a senseless act of violence that is another media circus. I don't know about anyone else, but the way the media flocks to the scene, makes me think of vampires.
"The spokeswoman also characterized Mr. Bush's views on the presence of guns in US society. "The president believes that there is a right for people to bear arms, but that all laws must be followed," Perino said."

To be fair, not like I like to be fair with this administration, she may have been asked what his views are - that would be legit to answer would you not agree?
Diva... I didn't catch that bit about Bush's response. Did he really bring in something that irrelevant?

Denisdekat... I wish I had a transcript of the original remark. The Chronicle's first article (now replaced with a newer version) made it seem like a statement issued from the White House, not a response to a press question, but now we'll probably never know.

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