Our Fragile Infrastructure, How Tempting A Target?

You want to paralyze the San Francisco Bay Area? Would you bomb our bridges? Almost certainly not. Suspension bridges are remarkably durable structures. No...you'd go for BART's Transbay Tube or the I-580/I-80/I-880 East Bay interchange--otherwise known as the 'MacArthur Maze'--because, unlike LA, we don't have hundreds of alternate routes to get everywhere. You want in or out of San Francisco from the East Bay? You go through the maze or through the tube...but not tomorrow!

Was this an act of terrorism? Probably not, but it does demonstrate how easy it would be to majorly screw the Bay Area. And if history has a lesson for us, it's that the pukes in Sacramento, who treat the Bay Area like a f*cking backwater, will probably wait a decade before getting our traffic flowing again. Hell...a decade would be great. It's been 18 years since the Loma Prieta quake, and we're still waiting for a replacement for the seismically unsound eastern span of the Bay Bridge.


I haven't had the news on since early this morning.


You're right of course. The only way to go when something like this happens (except for the GG Bridge which would be a nightmare) is south.
Oh man! That is going to be one nightmare of a traffic problem tomorrow and for a long time. We had a tank truck hit a bridge here a few weeks ago and it's still unusable. So, it's not going to be a short-term thing your you. That's rough.
Granny... Down the the San Mateo bridge, but this connector is outbound so most likely traffic will be diverted to Oakland city streets. OUCH!

Peacechick... Our problem is that SoCal still has the majority of CA's population and so treats us like the poor cousins. When the Northridge quake hit, all 8 damaged LA freeways were repaired in 3 years. When Loma Prieta hit it was 8 years before our damaged were torn down much less rebuilt. We're still waiting on the Bay Bridge.
Sorry...I thought that stuff had been fixed. What a crock! I for one do not think you northerners are poor cousins. We are the south...and we won't rise again trust me. San Francisco is a one of a kind place...I would think for tourism alone it would have been taken care of by now. You've my sympathy!
That is crazy. Like the bridge from Bay St Louis, MS to Gulfport. As important as it was, there was still another highway that connected the two. It just takes longer to get there
Yep. Rerouting will happen through Oakland city streets, which translates into more traffic for me! Not to mention the wrench this puts in my weekend flamenco class commute ...

I'm trying to stay optimistic and believe that they'll give this a higher priority and fix this quickly since this is a major traffic artery.

I hope.
Thought of you when I heard about the bridge melting yesterday. It was a speeding trucker, at the wee hours of the morning. Nobody killed, thankfully.

As for LA and all our countless other options: THEY ALL SUCK. I'm just saying. Not bitter at all.
Sumo... We didn't have all of our freeways repaired until 1998, and it was only 4 freeways. The Bay Bridge Eastern span isn't scheduled to be completed till 2011, fully 22 years after Loma Prieta!

Scott... To avoid the MacArthur maze you'd have to head 20 miles north through Marin or 20 miles south to the San Mateo bridge.
Mags... They were saying the morning commute was OK, but the real test is yet to come. This evening is going to be a nightmare.

Diva... I know. The guy bounced off of two guardrails before he crashed. As for the differences between SF and LA, your options may suck, but you do have them. ;-)

What we've got are bridges. Uggghhh!
Makes you realise just how easy it would be for a handful of terrorists to bring America to a grinding halt.

If this reality pervaded the White House then the warmongering might quickly be replaced by diplomacy and terrorism might then lose it rationale!

Just a thought!
It never ceases to amaze me how woefully underfunded California highways are. Been on the 101/405 interchange down in L.A. recently? Doesn't matter, it hasn't changed in at least 30 years.
Daniel... Right you are. I was going to put a dig at the administration in the post, as I feel that the whole WoT is really just a distraction, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Praguetwin... Dude! One of the worst night-rides of my life was on the 405. Scariest 30 miles I've ever ridden.
You must have been in a bit of a sour mood typing this post. But rightly so, remember Loma Prieta - there is dramatic difference between our fix and the fix in the LA area after Northridge....I'm starting to believe your notion that the turds in Sac-to think we are a backwater...f-them. They don't have to come and we will be better off for it.
I lived in Richmond in '89 when the 580 wasn't yet connected to the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. They ramped up the work on that section and got it completed ahead of schedule, IFRC.

And when the hell are they going to extend BART across the North Bay? Not that it matters to me now that I live in Colorado, but wasn't that promised at some point?

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