Breaking and Entering In The Service of National Security

New Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell has only been on the job 3 months, but he's already making up for his short tenure with a new bill that would extend the surveillance powers of Bu$hCo into the realm of minor felonies. Yes indeed, the DNI went to his intelligence agencies and posed the question: What ties your hands when investigating national security issues? They told him, and ...VOILA! A new FISA-busting bill that will turn your hair white, making the rounds on Capitol Hill.

Some of it's more interesting provisions include:
  • The power to avoid FISA warrants altogether when the target is a foreign national, even if the surveillance methods include tapping domestic sources such as email or phone calls
  • Immunity from civil liability for telcos that cooperate with the government in terrorist investigations
  • Expand the amount of time the feds can investigate you without a warrant from 72 hours to one week in emergencies--you know in case they don't find anything in the first illegal search
There's even speculation that the bill would liberalize the so-called "sneak and peek" warrants that allow the feds to break into your premises to plant listening devices, cameras, or to steal and copy the contents of your computer storage.

At a time when we should be curtailing these sorts of activities, McConnell is looking to expand the executive's power. Amazing.


Another use for Mojo.

Sinclair Lewis said "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
Another use for Mojo.

Heh, heh! Pretty soon everyone's gonna need personal surveillance.
wow, we are apparently really scared of terrorists.
I wouldn't worry. This Congress isn't going to pass anything like that. Too much fodder for the Dems come next year's election.
Did I hear howls of objections when people compared this administration's trend toward Nazi Germany and Russia's Communism policies?

Seems like if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.....
Kvatch, thank you for your cogent comment on our blog. You are one smart frog.
Well Graeme, the DNI certainly is, or he's just giving Bu$hCo more tools to use against their opponents. ;-)

Dave... You're probably right. Do you think then that this is just PR to make the Democrats look bad? "We wanted to protect you better, but look at what those evil Democrats did to our very reasonable bill."

Worried... Dave is right that this one probably won't get by Congress, but the stones it takes to even get it ready to submit. Lot of work there for little gain...
Both an I told you so and a trial balloon. Not too much screaming, give a shot at passing it, or some part of it. Lots of screaming, something to feed to the base.

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