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Bu$hCo is once again amping up the noise machine in response to the Democrat's "timetable" for withdrawal from Iraq. In speech after speech Mr. Bush calls attention to the Democrats desire 'to legislate defeat in this vital war'. On the other hand, many bloggers, including Abi of Update America, point out that most of us feel that the war is already lost and that the face off between Congress and the White House over funding and deadlines is just a sideshow. True enough, but perhaps that's not the right way to look at the issue.

I mean...what happens if we get out of Iraq right now? No delays--just pack up and leave. For one thing the Iraqis are pretty quickly going to have to find out how to work with each other (a win) or escalate the already ongoing conflict into a full-scale civil war (a huge lose). The United States is going to save about $125B in immediate funding, money that we could put toward real security initiatives, and probably another $200B in in future war funding. That would go some distance toward slashing Bu$hCo's record-setting deficits, now wouldn't it?

Seems to me like we've got a fair chance of a big win for America if we get out now.


Too many defense contractors are getting rich off this war (34 CEOs of defense contractors have seen their salaries doubled since the illegal invasion) for Bush to pull out now.
Bush is looking hard for someone to take the blame for the defeat in this war. Note the generals who have already turned down his "war czar" plan. Seems like nobody is anxious to be Junior's scapegoat.

The way I see it, unless we plan to stay in Iraq forever, heaven forbid, we have to leave sometime and the Iraqis are going to have to decide if they're going to fight it out, or negotiate some kind of terms.

So we might as well pack up and get out now before any more people die. It's shameful that we did this to the Iraqi people, but staying there is not making anything better...it just keeps getting worse. 166 people killed today. So much for that surge!
Yep - planes, boats anything that can get them out of there. I predict that the Iraqi's will come to a peaceful close to the fighting if we are out of there. If we really get out and the CIA stays out of it.
Der Fuehrer Bush is responsible for almost as many deaths as Hitler. And if he's not stopped he will surpass him one day.

Who doesn't believe that Fascism hasn't come to America?

God Bless.
Lew... It will be very interesting to see if Bush actually vetoes the funding bill. The oil contract clause is likely force him to protest right up until the moment he signs the bill.

Cranky... Nobody wants to be the frickin' "War Czar". Given that, I'm all in favor of getting out now.
Peacechick... Trains, buses, ox carts, rickshaws! Time to leave.

AnonP... Yes. Indeed! But let's concentrate on saving another $300B before we take Bush down.
I agree, Kvatch. But I don't see us getting out of Iraq in my lifetime.

Here's the scenario I see: Congress will pass some form of their war-funding bill, including a withdrawal timetable. It will also include the "benchmark" hydrocarbon requirement to share oil revenues among the Iraqi people and, btw, the western oil companies who will end up controling up to 80% of the country's currently nationalized oil resources.

Bush will look petulant and pained, but will sign it - to support the troops. The Iraqi government will be forced to meet the benchmark, and we will be required to keep troops in Iraq for decades protecting the newly acquired and extremely lucrative Western oil interests.

Mission accomplished.

Thanks for the mention, Kvatch.
Getting out now would be the best thing that could happen for all those involved. Bush and his cohorts just do not want the world to witness the obvious. A pull out would automatically bring a calm to the region. will it be bloodless? No. But compared to the bloodbath now, I think it would be a step out of the abyss for both sides.
Get out of the way you warmongering bastards before peace lops off your integrity! Okay. that couldn't possibly be what's lopped off, but you get the gist.
Abi... I think I agree about Bush signing the bill. I guess now the only question is whether or not Congress caves on the timetable.

TPM... Peace making an administration look bad--only in my wildest dreams! ;-)
Breaking: Major Oil Companies to Fund the Surge
Seriously. Why don't the President and his veep approach the major oil companies for ten billion dollars to tide the surge over for a month or two.
That way they can veto the troop shrinkage legislation and be assured of war bucks.
Of course it would also be nice if the major oil companies paid part or all of the tab for the global security we provide for them gratis.
--Craig Johnson--

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