BlognonyBITS - Whither the Tag

I'm starting to experience insomnia.
I don't try to force myself to sleep.
I just get up and dress...in the dark.
And when you can't see your clothes,
Is when little tags are really useful.
Have you noticed how many pieces of
Clothing are now sold without tags?


I thought they were to annoy you and chafe the back of yer neck. Perhaps that's why I always rip them out (and walk around with my clothes turned inside out).
Me too. I'm glad they don't have those itchy, scratchy tags. In fact, some people are allergic to the horrid things.
Ron, Peacechick... Chafe they do, and they're itchy, but they do serve a purpose. I hate putting my clothes on backwards (or inside out). :-)
Frogs wear clothes? How evolved.
So it's an inside out kind of thing?

Other than that, I waa trying to figure out the dark part and the tags.

The tags on my clothes don't have instructions on not wearing lime green with orange. OK, I don't have either color in my wardrobe, such as it is.

All of the clothes, other than those I didn't give to Goodwill long ago are the same size. So tags, even in the dark, had I infrared vision, would do me no good.

What am I missing here? Kucinich has something to do with it, right?
Dave... Quite simple really: When you're dressing in the dark, you reach inside your t-shirt's collar. Tag in the back and on the inside? No problem. GAP, Banana Republic, and a bunch of other stores have started selling casual clothes where there is not tag. The logo is just a printed directly on the cloth on the inside.

Fashiongirl... You learn something new each day! ;-)
I have the same problem with my tshirts in the dark-cant tell front from back-insideout or not. I hate it for that reason.
I have the same problem as Robert does, but I have it during the daytime. The tag tells me which is the back and which is the front of the shirt, shorts, pants, whatever. It works for me kind of like the old underwear rule does for Dubya when he puts on his underwear every morning: Yellow in front, brown in back.
oh man! Snave! LOL!

I only buy T-shirts w/o tags. It's that itchy/scratch thing.

Though I do dig where you're comin' from Frogster, I don't really care who sees that my shirt's on backwards when I'm just loungin' round the 'partment or crawlin' back under the covers anyway. Hhmmm... It sure would be nice to have someone under them covers to be carin' 'bout it though...
Ah. Now I've got it.
Robert... Maybe I should just keep some clothes somewhere other than the bedroom.

Snave... EEEEWWWWW! But in the dark the underwear rule wouldn't help. Well...not unless you...uh...use your sense of smell.

Michael... Think in my case, the whole point is to get out of the bed and let the Frogette sleep.
Silly frog, the food stains are on the front.
Froggie, that's what FLASHLIGHTS are for.
Flimsy... Yuch! Of course, you still need to see them, or are they the chunky variety? ;-)

Diva... Actually that's a good point. I sometimes use my cell phone. Thing puts out a hell of a lot of light.
I hate those pesky tags and I'm glad to see them go too, but I have to say I never saw it from the perspective you mentioned. I imagine some blind people depend on them.
Ahah! I've got the trick for ya, Kvatch. Buy V-Necks. Then you can tell the front-from-back by feel.

Don't know why I didn't think o' that earlier since I just used the trick less than a week ago.
I have a friend who uses an oinking pig that gives off a blue light.

Don't even go there.

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