And The Award Goes To...

It's unprecedented. I usually reserve the coveted, I Made Kvatch Snort His Martini Through His Nose award for deserving members of the left-wing Blogsphere. But today, for the first time, I will be giving the award to a member of the administration.

And the award goes to... Dana Perino, Deputy White House Press Secretary, who said in today's press briefing of the administration's "surge" strategy:
The American people have wanted change in Iraq, and they got it... The president announced a new policy on January 10th that was quite different and divergent from where we were before.
Bwahahahahahaha. OW! Mother puss-bucket... vodka through the sinuses really hurts!


Yes...instead of pissing on the American people's shoes, they are now pissing directly into our faces.
Thank you Perino,

If we didn't know better, we'd think it was satire.

She should really be on SNL or something.
Sure, it's the same old strategy, but they gave it a new marketing name, tied in with an energy drink like the young people are drinking.
Was she drunk?
...they are now pissing directly into our faces.

Fred... I tell you, you just can't make up that kind of hyperbole. I'm surprised she said it with a straight face.

And...to answer your comment Fashiongirl, she seemed to earnestly believe what she was saying. Of course, maybe she had to get drunk in order to get it out.
Aaron... I agree. It was a moment worthy of The Onion.

Lew... So that's what she meant! It's all in the marketing. ;-) Damn I'm glad we cleared that up.
Did she actually say it with a straight face? Amazing.
So...when the Press Secretary said that during a press briefing, why the hell didn't the PRESS call her on it?!

...why the hell didn't the PRESS call her on it?!

Lizzy... Helen Thomas did, and quite thoroughly too. Windspike over at Educational Whisper has the entire transcript.

Gracie... Indeed she did--slick just like the snow job.
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Bliss, Black is White.
These aren't the droids you're looking for....
I'm sure Cheney was behind the curtain and gave her a nice big high-five after that one. Then they went out drinking and discussed their plans for after the Rapture.
I believe that the rather... "confused" (to use a nice term) Ms. Perino was the same person who stated that "Fiscal Responsibility was a VERY important part of the President's agenda!"

Ms. Perino must have a tanker-truck full of that kool-aid parked behind her office.
Ah,Sewmouse, I agree. She's been dipping into the Jim Jones Special Kool Aid. What, do they really think we're that stupid?
UndeniableL... OMG, do you think she's using the force to try and influence our weak minds?! :-)

Praguetwin... Actually Cheney may have his had up her...well...you know, and notice how his lips never moved.
Sewmouse... "Fiscal Responsibility," at Bu$hCo means fund my priorities while I defund yours.

Diva... I'm simply amazed at the amount of chutzpah it takes to utter such nonsense.
"I'm amazed at the amount of chutzpah it takes to utter such nonsense".

She had a good teacher. Look what the president says with every bit of false sincerity.
A couple of bucks says this will be on the Daily Show. It's just so far out - unbelievable. Did the press corp choke or just sit there with their mouths open?
Silly frog, martini glasses are for kids! Switch to IV and avoid the snort through the nose, as well as maintaining a constant and steady buzz!
She had a good teacher.

Worried... You mean Tony Snow (Ari Fleischer...Scott McClellan...)? Oh the President! The teacher of teachers, decider of deciders.

Peacechick... Well Helen Thomas gave Ms. Peroni an earfull--called her on every point and made her look like an ass.

John... IV, huh? Now there's an idea. I only use IVs for my morning caffeine.

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