Blogs of Note - Meme Edition

Earlier this afternoon John Good (Left in Aboite) included Blognonymous in a meme that challenged him to list 5 favorite blogs and discuss why they're his favorites. I have to say that I'm honored to be included in his list, but since this post and the next will have some special significance for Blognonymous, I'll leave further comments for a bit later this evening.

So...without further adieu, here's the group of five outstanding blogs that I would pick:

Fuzzy and Blue
Tina packs more links per square inch than any blogger I know. Her posts have the density of a research singularity, and I know when I'm reading her blog that every angle is covered.

Ice Station Tango
If it's happening in the world, the Station Agent is on top of it. To the extent that this frog keeps up to date, it's because he reads Ice Station Tango.

If I Ran The Zoo
I'm not flogging Tom Hilton's blog because I'm a contributor, I'm flogging it because Tom has the goods. Tom cuts through the crap and gets to the essential nugget of whatever topic he's discussing. Not to mention the fact that his pictures of our beautiful city and the surrounding environs are not to be missed.

Knock Knock
Peacechick Mary has won the coveted 'I made Kvatch snort his martini through his nose," award more times than I can count. Her wit and impassioned writing put her at the top of my 'must read' list every day.

This Blog Will Self-destruct In Five Seconds
If I had half the wit and talent of the Comandante for skewering current events, I'd do this blogging thing for a living.


I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! Thank you for the kind words. I shall try to live up to them, but maybe tomorrow.

I'm honored - thanks for the props! ...and thanks for introducing me to these other cool blogs. I've never checked them out before.
I read all five of them each day, along with yours and others. good picks!
Wow. That is just so incredibly kind. I look forward to posting my five tomorrow, of which this blog will be one, no doubt.

Thanks KK
Peacechick... Just checked out your list. Excellent, excellent.

Hey Comandante, you're very welcome. I'm waiting for your list so I can go and check 'em out.

Robert... Really there are so many fine blogs to pick from, but when you gotta choose five...

Station Agent... Not at all. Your blog is a font of information. I keep it linked as a news source.
Thanks! I am honored. And...I'll try to get to it this evening.
Here's my list if you're interested...

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