Whoa! Kentucky Fried Rats

OK it's not like I eat fast food often--maybe once a year and then only if I have no alternative. I mean...when was the last time your were in a clean McDonalds? Food on the floors, spills on the tables, overflowing trashbins, but rats taking over a KFC on the Lower East Side of Manhatten? Where's the freakin' health department? Yuch!

Caution...the video may make you toss your cornflakes.


The rats have returned to KFC, ending their boycott to get the company to phase out transfats.

So, sausage and extra-crispy: two things you don't want to see how they're made.
Hey Mr_Blog...wait...do rats have transfats? I kid! I KID!!!
Just one more reason why I never -- and I mean NEVER -- eat fast food. Haven't been inside a McDonalds in well over 20 years.
I read the article but I had not seen the video. My theory was that they are training the rats to be new delivery guys...

And here I thought that American rats had some class. Perhaps the rat was just slumming it. Perhaps it heard about the nuking of Iran and just didn't care anymore.
Chicken flavored doughnuts, now this. It's getting so a guy can't even get a decent helping of fried rats anymore!...(:
Generik... Now that airlines no longer serve food, airports are the hardest place to avoid fast food. It's about the only place I get stuck eating that crap.

Lisa...maybe. I can see it now, "Here's your bucket of wings sir. What do you mean, 'What are those gnaw marks?'."
Daniel... You know sometimes you just gotta have a burrito, even when you're a rat.

TFWY... It's a tragedy I know. I think, but you'd think that KFC would at least keep 'em in the food locker.
Awwww... They were cute!

Ya know, I bet they'd taste great with teh Colonel's Secret Recipe.

Don't be doubtin' it. {-;

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