What's Next Reverend Haggard?


I was wondering why they hadn't "fixed" Haggart, myself. Maybe Haggart's a hardcore case.:) I couldn't find your email, so you might want to check out your favorite Congress critter. He's at it again.:) "Step forward Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California at this week's hearing of the House Committee on Science and Technology. Previous cycles of global warming had been caused by "dinosaur flatulence," he suggested."
I love that picture.
TFWY... Yes indeed, Dana Rohrabacher is a delight--a towering intellect! ;-)

James...thank you sir. Glad you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed creating it.
Mixing liniment with crystal meth may cause adverse reaction and sudden need for massages.
snake oil (previously hot oil)
Now I know the four pastor/counselors' secret weapon. I hope they get a cut of the profits.
Lew...maybe that "oil" Fred mentioned could be useful?

Fred... The good reverend is going to need to do something with all those samples of Astroglide.

Dave...in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the whole 'get out of Colorado' thing was specifically so that they could get some of the back end. [Whoops! Did I say that with my outer voice?]
oh no, you didn't! that's one fine snakeoil poster you came up with!!! lol!
I can't read the directions but I assume it says:

"Have a huge ripped man apply liberally to your penile genital area and stroke vigoursly"
Supergirlest... The good reverend deserves nothing but the best!

PoliS... Actually I think it says, "Endorsed by 1 out of 4 faith-healers!"
He looks like he's about to break into a show tune. I'm just saying.
You guys totally crack me up.

You know what would be a wonderful ending to this story? If he would just come out and say, "this is bullshit. Yes, I'm gay" and then he could go settle down somewhere and be his true self.

Will that ever happen? Not in a million years.
I almost feel sorry for the guy. He must just hate himself
Fashiongirl... I heard that he's looking to star in a revival of Mama Mia.

Lizzy...glad you enjoyed it. As for his settling down to be his true self. I'm sure there are a few bars here in Sodom by the Sea that could help him explore that.

Graeme... Sorry for the cyncism, but he's been hating himself 'all the way to the bank' for so long that he can afford to disappear for a while.
"I'm not only the founder of Pastor Ted's Gay Be Gone... I'm a user of Pastor Ted's Gay Be Gone!"

This message brought to you by the makers of Pastor Ted's Gay Be Gone and Soap on a Rope. Never leave home without them or all hell could break loose.

Side effects include, but not limited to: nausea, diarrhea, headaches, irritable bowels, nose bleeds, panic attacks, restless leg syndrome, penile dysfunction, date rape, flagellation, and impaling oneself on a large pike...
Snake oil?

Too many jokes...

Lubricant is funny.
I rather like the impaling on a large spike myself.
I'm in agreement with fashiongirl on this one - looks like his cast-poster for the local remake of "Oklahoma!"

What a vile little cretin.
great artwork, kvatch.
"cured"--that's rich.
One question - is this stuff by the makers of Gee Dubya's Turd Polish?
I'm sorry, but I really don't have any faith that he's been cured. Though I'm sure they want you too believe he is.

Off Topic: I got the dreaded move notice from blogger and I just did a post on it if your interested kvatch.
It was a nitemare.

PS: First attempt to leave comment didn't work. New work verification is ulgyz, like the reverand ted.
But why is it necessary to worry about gay bees? It's winter over there isn't it?


I thought the same thing! OOOOOOOOK=lahoma.

Great picture kvatch. Cured. Huh.
The sad state of it is that I have known many gay men who hide behind the "cloth" to disquise their orientation only to mask the dysfunctionality to themselves.

Indeed, it's a sad state when people use religion as a mask for who they really are.
I picture an old-time medicine show style tour of America with a sideshow of caged gays being whipped and a second cage featuring the cured gays clammoring to get it on with some of the opposite sex.

It's sad, though, that this guy (an Evangelical bible thumper) is one of "the base" that the repubs so desperately want but also a member of the enemy (gays). Quite the contradiction.
All...your comments were all great--wish I'd been more involved in the discussion, but...you know...duty called.

Nonetheless, before I forget my manners, thanks for stopping by Blognonymous Sornie. I agree with your vision. It's sort of what I had in mind. Now that he's "cured" he'll just take it to the masses.
Cured... with lots of salt and brine, and then done for about half a day in a smoker! Mmmmmm, good!

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