A Picture's Worth A Thousand Votes

I'm a little 'blogged-out' today. So I'm going to turn you on to this excellent graphic covering the numerous improbable vote tallies in the 2004 election.

Thanks to Lizzy of OCD GenX Liberal for finding this.


Great. Now you have it.
Look at all the states where things were askew. I wonder if Bush realizes that he is not the real elected President. I doubt it. Ah well.
Peacechick... What I find suspicious is that the spread in most states is almost exactly the same, 8 percentage points.

As for Bush realizing...well if there was fraud, he certainly knows about it--probably approved it.
Yeah, but the graphic shows funny business only occurred in four states. That means in 92% of the states, the elections were NOT rigged. A clear victory for BushCo™!! (/snark)

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