Pardon My Absence

Please forgive me. I know I haven't posted anything since Friday.

I'm consumed in a project to help the Frogette get her new company off the ground. Time is short, and the web-site design is eating my brain at the moment--mostly because site design is not one of my strengths. I promise to have something new this evening.



Wow! Did you know you had a McCain ad on your blog? What's up with that?
Good luck to the Frogette!
I feel your pain. A ginormous work project followed by a hard-drive crash side-lined me for a time too. Best of luck to Frogette!
Lots of luck to you both.
New, shmoo. It's the thought that counts.

And -- a day without snark IS a day without sunshine!!
Lew... Yeah, I know. I don't have any control over the ads. The Google crawlers look for keywords and fill in the ads based on what they see.

Tom, Betty, Julien...thanks! Always exciting to be stepping out on one's own. The Frogette says to say thanks as well.

NBfH...no truer words! ;-)

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