NSA Knows My Most Private Secrets!

And you can go right here to learn them!

Super Spy-o-Matic
"Kvatch downloaded an MP3 remix of The Bangle's pro-terrorist Islamic hymn 'Walk Like An Egyptian'."

Perfection! Truly! I love the Bangles!

HT to PT Cruiser for the links to this little bit-o-silliness!


No doubt, they have pics of you strutting like Steve Martin as well.
Hey! They said the same thing about me, and I don't even know who them Bangles are! Aren't they one of them country music bands?
No doubt, they have pics of you strutting like Steve Martin as well.

OMG! You mean they've got cameras in here? They can't see me through this thing can they?

Ron... You don't know the Bangles? Then you're what 16 years old? You obviously didn't live through the 80s.
I had a crush on Susanna Hoffs as a kid. I always liked that song. The video wasn't half-bad for a cheesy 80s style production.
Ye Gads, it knows about that late library book!
"Sewmouse laughed all the way through United 93."

I'm taking the "Scooter" defense on this one "I don't remember...."
Comandante! "As a kid?" You young pup! I was already a *MAN* (well OK, a frog) before I got my crush on Susanna.

Fred...indeed they do, and all that subversive crap you spew on your blog. ;-)

Sewmouse...ah the Scooter defense: "I was a pawn, a tool, a useless aparachik!"
When I go to sleep at night I make time to say "good night" to the NSA spies bugging my bedroom. Even in these times, it is important to remember to be polite.
Yes, many thanks to PT for that link. I found out about all kinds of goods the feds have on me and my family! One was even true... my wife DID used to have a yellow Support the Troops ribbon on her car, and she DID take it off!
They found out that I buy French wine even when Gallo is on sale!! I better leave the country.
Asakarias...that's so true. What kind of a society would we be if we let warrantless domestic spying be an excuse for rudeness?

Snave...truth is stranger than fiction, eh? I really do like the Bangles.


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