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The United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing has announced the introduction of new one dollar coins to replace the less than successful Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea versions. The new coins are to feature great conservative figures in American history. Recently appointed Bureau Director, John Bolton, said of the coins:
We're just trying to create a coin with a solid conservative message. I mean, what does it say...putting women on our money? Sacagawea? Toting her kid on her back? Obviously employed outside the home--a rejection of a core American value, I'd say And don't even get me started with Susan B. Anthony.

The history of America is the history of great male achievements. So we're gonna find some crusty old white guys to engrave on our dollars.
The series will start with a coin honoring that conservative stalwart, Ronald Reagan, and in the following months coins honoring John Birch, Barry Goldwater, and John Ashcroft will be released. When asked if a coin honoring the greatest conservative president in of all time, George W. Bush, is forthcoming Director Bolton replied, "Well...let's at least wait until we win the war. Maybe next summer."

Updated 2007/02/15, 10:15 am PST - A new image of the 'Reagan Dollar' has just been released.

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If this trend continues, soon enough we'll have the McCain dollar, which flips itself.
I for one can't wait to spend the American Loonie at the falafal stand.
give it another 4 to 6 months...
Barry Goldwater will never make the cut...he was bigoted against fundamentalist whackjobs. Only conservatives who love and tolerate fundamentalist whackjobism get to be on the coins.
Great. Coins worthy of being pissed on. With pictures of the person who tripled the national debt. Great Communicator? Try Great Borrower.
All kidding aside, I really like the idea of dollar coins that people really want to spend. Paper dollars are a pain in the ass, but I didn't see anything wrong with the Sacagawea's or Susan B's. Maybe I'll start asking for dollar coins in my change.
Hey Julie...like that 'American Looney' BTW!
That image of Reagan comes from a photo taken early in 1988, when he was just a severed head kept alive with electrodes and nutrient tubes...
Oh ho! So now we have to type "http://" for our hyperlink, eh???
I love having 1 Euro coins when in Europe. Much easier than having dollar bills.
They won't stick around. Too many coin operated devices where they are useless and they are too heavy in pockets. The coins will be gone before Bush is out of Iraq.
Well at least they haven't yet carved Reagans face into Mount Rushmore. And I don't know about a coin with Junior's face on it.

Haven't you read the (joke) story circulating around the internet about the Post Office putting out a new stamp with Dubya's mug on it, and people complained that the stamp wouldn't stick to the envelops?

And they say the Post Office launched an investigation and found that people were spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.

We should start a campaign to get Bill Clinton and George HW Bush on there so maybe people will contribute these coins to Katrina rebuilding.

There's an idea in there somewhere.
When you pick one up, will it trickle down?
Our local neo-con has already managed to rename a local bypass after Ronnie, AND he's been trying to put his mug on a dime as well. STOP THIS MADNESS!!!
I want one with dead Central American nuns saying "Thanks, Gipper!"
I forgot to add the video link! This ad was from Dr.Tom Hayhurst, who nearly unseated our local neo-con Congressman:

Time for a change
No sir, don't like it.
Lew Scannon: ROTFLMAO!!!!

I think it's doomed to die, but a lot dumber things have survived; Bush being one. Just the logistics seem against it. Every business that takes money has to have a new "dollar coin" compartment in their change holders. That can't be too cheap. There's only two ways the consumer can carry them: in pockets and purses, or in a separate bag; no coin containers will currently hold anything of that size. You can't fold, bend or mutilate them. Where's the fun in that?:) I agree with you in that paper money is a pain. But at least you can trade 20 singles for a $20 bill. What do you do with 20 dollar coins? Answer: walk lopsided!:)
it is going to be sweet when the mentally challenged people that Reagan forced onto the street start begging for reagan faced dollars
Mr_Blog... I changed the image to one of my own. Think he may have just been on the cusp for that one.

I agree with the PhoenixNYC...like the idea of the coin, and I'm surprised Peacechick that you find many vending machines that don't take them. Most machines that I've encountered do, most importantly public transit, and that's where a $1 coin really is great
PoP...trickle down, in a sense. A $1 coin left long enough in your pocket will eventually become a $.50 piece, then a quarter, then...

Cranky, John...too many things names after Reagan IMHO. There are a ton of schools, the carrier, Reagan National airport, etc., etc...

I want one with dead Central American nuns saying "Thanks, Gipper!"

Comandante...that's for the back right?
SA...I like it. Maybe they'll put Bill's mug on the back of the 'Katrina Dollar'.

Lizzy...me neither.

TFWY... Like I mentioned above $1 coins are great for public transit, you know...3 or 4, but you're right, 20 in your pocket is an invitation to a permanent injury.
Lizzy, would that be a... Ren and Stimpy reference, by chance? 8-)> Mr. Horse was always one of my favorite characters on that show.

I think that when the Reagan and Bush dollars come out it will be fun to urinate on them, melt them, run over them, etc.

I become amused by the Reagan-worshippers who want to put his name on everything so that people will forget about FDR and the New Deal, and so that the idea that Reagan was a "great president" becomes part of our collective national wisdom. Some of those idiots are actually serious about things like putting him on Mt. Rushmore. Putting him on coins is bad enough... Enough already!

Someday I would like to have a cabin, with an outhouse. I would start what I'd hope would become a national tradition, by having the first Ronald Reagan Memorial Outhouse on my property. As Kinky Friedman might say, "I could go in there to take a Nixon."
This reichwing fascination with Reagan is beyond me. Why the love him when he really was an actor turning in his best performance for his puppet masters is a cunnundrum.

Was he really all that, or have they unduly trumped up the mythology to hang on to the only conservative hero they can muster?

Really, what good did reagan do?

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