Libby Leak, The Sequel

The Station Agent's got the skinny on a brewing scandal in the Scooter Libby trial. Seems there's been another leak, and the whole prosecution may go down the tubes as a mistrial, but over here in the 'Land-o-Snark', Kvatch wonders:

Will we soon discover that this new leak was orchestrated by Bu$hCo? Will we have a whole new trial about the "Leak trial...leak"? Will it be picked up by the MSM and referred to as the 'Leak-Leak'? Perhaps some publications will refer to it as "Son-of-leak", "Leak Squared", or "Meta-leak".


(My little frog brain just exploded from too much snark. Seems I'm incapable of writing anything serious today.)


I'm smelling mistrial with the Libby Camp declaring victory over that damned liberal bias.
Of course there will probably be a mistrial...... when BushCo is involved, how could ANYTHING except a miscarriage of justice be the end result???
PoliS, Tina... The Station Agent is now saying sort of the same thing--that the juror may be some kind of plant. Not sure how that would happen, but hey...always ready to done my tinfoil hat. ;-)
Get ready for the coverup to cover up the coverup of the coverup. Or something...
Totally off point, but:

"Kvatch — ... is a fictonal city in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a role-playing game for Xbox 360 and PC" Wikipedia.

"kvetch \KVECH\, adjective:
1. To complain habitually." Dictionary.com.

As I read you, the latter definition seems to fit your posts. As you are literate, and having little to do at the moment, I googled "kvatch." If, beyond your literacy, you can spell, I don't get the reference. Splain please.

- 'Kvatch' is German slang, equivalent to the Yiddish 'Kvetch'. A 'Kvatcher' is a complainer.

- Frogs say, "Kvatch kvatch" auf Deutsch

- A 'Kvatch Kopf' (the full name I sometimes use) is literally translated from Austrian German as 'squish head' but is actually quite a bit more insulting.

Any more clear? :-)
I'm not that serious about that plant theory, but Sam Seder sounded like he was. Sam's a bit over the top sometimes. So am I, but it's so easy to see how these sneaky pricks would do it.
Damned Google. Damned Wikipedia. Damned Dave for being too lazy to take a book off the shelf when he could have. Thanks.
Dave...don't worry about it. I love explaining it exactly because 'Kvatch' has so many meanings.

Oh, and I forgot to add, there are some bloggers who refer to me as:

'The Blognonymous Kvatch'

...which has some similarity to Hieronymus Bosch. I find that amusing as well.
Waaaay too many big players in line to take a hard fall. Something like this had to happen, and I don't think we've seen the last "surprise" of this farce, either!
I sort of doubt that the administration had anything to do with this, because all Bush has to do is pardon Libby if he is convicted. However, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that there's some skullguggery connected to it. It's possible, I suppose, that "somebody" is afraid that a Libby conviction might lead to a closer look at Cheney. In fact, I'm not at all sure Cheney is in the clear on this.

My prediction is that if there is a mistrial, there will be a second trial. I don't think Fitzgerald will let it go. He's worked too hard and long on this, and I think he's a fighter.
Did you see the transcripts from yesterday's press briefing by Tony the Snow job? he said that there was no profit in commenting on meta-trial issues.

Ah- that the emperor has no clothes is becoming even more plain.
Cranky, TFWY... I think you're both right on all points. No mistrial is going to stop Fitzgerald, it was bound to happen, and Cheney isn't in the clear.

Windspike...he didn't actually use the term "no profit" did he? Zounds the audacity of it, "There's no value to us, so we're not going to comment."
With Bu$hCo™ running the government like a corporation (Ahem - Enron) the Justice Department inevitably had to be treated as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Like an appendage of the executive branch - no, more like a tentacle. Incapable of the dexterous and delicate operation of a human hand, it only rises to the grasping tasks its masters assign it. Grasping and sucking like a tentacle, that's it - with the emphasis on the sucking.
The Chimperor is definitely naked. There isn't any way this trial could happen without some kind of skullduggery involved. The Bush administration does not believe it has to follow laws, because they view themselves as the law... so I agree, they will try to circumvent justice in any way they can to protect themselves from having their public approval ratings sink even lower. Their neat little plans for world domination are going to suffer if they have to waste time being involved in trials and investigations instead, between now and the end of Dumbya's term. Hell, Dumbya is running out of time to completely mess up the entire world, and now these damned lib'ruls are throwing him curveballs! Those nasty pinko-loving socialist commie-lib whackos! Heh...
SadButTrue... But also it seems to me that lack of subtlety, ham-handed actions stem from the brain. DoJ is not better than the bumbling brain that operates it. Look at the transparent firing of the federal prosecutors.

Snave... "Pinko-loving socialist commie-libs," indeed. And that Fitzgerald character is the worst of the lot! Oh wait...he was appointed by Ashcroft...Damn! ;-)

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