Kvatch Kvetches - Hypocrisy So Thick...

...you can cut it with a knife.

But in a perverse sense, Bush is more consistent than all the spineless twits that make up his rightist "amen" chorus. At least 'The Decider' stubbornly sticks to his ludicrous positions--can't say that about any of the people involved in the following incidents:

Al Gore's Electric Bills Are Suddenly Interesting...
...to a group of people that don't believe that global-climate change is the result of human activity. So what exactly is it that they've got problem with? Not sure, but I do know one thing. If Al Gore needs to use 10 times the electricity that I do in order to keep on doing what he's doing, I'm content, and the Tennessee Center for Policy Research is just another administration shill.

Sam Fox Admits That John Kerry Is a War Hero...
...and that smear groups like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth should be banned. The problem is that he came to this revelation while the Senates debates his nomination as the next US Ambassador to Belgium. Another valueless hypocrite.

The US Warns Europe To 'Just Get Over It'...
...on the subject of illegal US rendition flights. So let's try a little thought experiment: Canada...takes to kidnapping US citizens for interrogation and puts them on board unregistered flights to Mexico. What do you think Bu$hCo would do? Probably use the Air Force to force said flights to land, right? Hmmm...now there's a thought for our European friends.


100% of Al Gore's energy comes from carbon-neutral and renewable sources. He never said "Don't use energy," he said "Don't spew carbon." He practices what he preaches.

If this group is so concerned about hypocrisy, I suggest they start with a couple of draft dodgers who recently turned into hawks.
Probably use the Air Force to force said flights to land, right?
Naww they didn't do it on 9/11. why would they then?
Thomas... I'd heard that as well, but that doesn't seem to be enough for the right who are slamming Gore for even using carbon tradeoffs--like any of that cabal would pay one cent to offset their own carbon emissions.

Lew... Who says they didn't do it on 9/11? Oops! Tinfoil hat time.
It’s funny that the Reich-wingers will latch onto any little bit of info, no matter how detached or distant they have to stretch it, to discredit somebody. They can't attack the message, because they don't deal in facts. Instead, they attack the messenger, and the wingnut faithful fall for it time and time again.
The Oscar award is frosting the wingnuts' tiny little balls, just wait and see what happens if he wins a Nobel Peace Prize. Pafuckingthetic.
The Al Gore story actually made me laugh, especially since Gore spends more money purchasing the renewable energy thomas referenced above.

But here's the thing ... Al Gore also sacrifices neocon babies over a petroleum-fueled cauldron every Friday. When will the AEI pick up on THAT story, Kvatch???
UndeniableL... I think that if Gore gets the Nobel someone (some organization?) is going to put Bush up for the Medal of Freedom or some such nonsense.

Citizenboo... Actually I think it was that story actually said that he sacrifices babies over a geo-thermal vent (or was it a solar collector). Gore would never use a petroleum fueled cauldron for his rituals. :-)
Pathetic as it is, if that's the worst they can create to attack Gore, that's pretty damned funny.
How desperate is AEI getting? $10,000 to bribe scientists, now they set up a fake thin tank in TENNESSEE?!?!?!

Sad part is, the Gore story is a net gain for them. We'll never hear the end of this and there's absolutely nothing there. It's shampoo for brainwashing.
I don't think Dubya would give a rat's ass if Canada kidnapped U.S. citizens. After all, in DubyaWorld, we're not WE THE PEOPLE. In DubyaWorld, we're simply peons meant to serve.
PoP...as Undeniable Liberal suggests, they're fighting a losing battle. Gore as got the upper hand.

SA... Yeah I blogged on that as well. Though my take was that $10,000 was chump change and that scientists should demand more.

Old Broad...oh I can't agree on that. If Bu$hCo thought that they could get an uptick in the poll numbers by forcing foreign jets down, they'd do it in heartbeat. They're so cynical they throw your grandmother in jail if they thought it would play well on World News Tonight.
I think these people get so used to the word compromise, they don't realize when it shifts into hypocrisy. It's hard to tell if they really believe what they're saying, or are just being opportunists.

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