Kvatch Konsiders - A Republican Impeachment Drive?

There are many reasons to impeach The Decision Maker, but few that will get Republicans on board. Unless of course your Dana "Constitution Be Damned" Rohrabacher (R-CA). Yes, our favorite SoCal representative has found his cause celebre, and it's--oh please tell me you're not serious--two bumbling Border Patrol agents? You know the ones, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, recently convicted and sentenced for shooting a suspected, but unarmed, drug smuggler in the back.

Indeed, Rohrabacher on a tear. He's talking impeachment. He's talking pardon--as if assaulting someone under color of authority is OK if...well...the target is an illegal alien, or a really, really bad person:
I tell you, Mr. President, if these men -- especially after this assault -- are murdered in prison, or if one of them lose their lives, there's going to be some sort of impeachment talk in Capitol Hill," he said during a press conference in Washington, D.C. ...

...The president of the United States talks a lot about his Christian charity, and his religious beliefs,... He now is showing a mean-spirited side to him, an arrogance, in which he will turn his back, even after one of these officers in prison has been brutally assaulted.
Hey Dana, I'm here to tell you that you need a better standard-bearer than two idiots who got caught trying to cover up an illegal shooting. Or are you so worried that Bush's 'Surge' will send your party into the political wilderness for the next 20 years that you'll latch on to an impeachment excuse?


Definitely seems to be the sounds of a man playing for the gallery! Distancing yourself from Bush is unthinkable - but then, so is running out of a burning building.:P

This boy needs his screws tightened.
This boy needs his screws tightened.

I think you mean "bolts"! :-)

Rohrabacher is a tunnel vision patriot willing to concede any power to Bush in the name of security. On CNN last year, the man came close to saying that Bush has the power to suspend the Constitution on his sole authority.
Hey if they begin to eat their own, I'll watch. I'll not only watch, I'll furnish adult beverages and popcorn too.

I think this threat just shows how little it would take for bush's own party to toss him over the brink. I say, have at it, repubs.
Rohrabacher is awesome. I love to watch him on Real Time with Bill Maher. He is always so well spoken and his arguments so well thought out
As much as I'd love to see it, an impeachment will do the situation no good. What WOULD is if Democrats started to actually grow some balls and act like an alternative to the Bushies. Now THAT would help.
I'm with PoP. I'll bring the theater candy.

I wonder where this guy has been for the last 6 years. He thinks Bush is just beginning to show his mean-spirited and arrogant side?
PoP, Pam...perhaps a marshmellow toast would be a little more appropriate. Or perhaps a barbeque? Something with fire!

Scott... The few times I've seen Rohrabacher he's been like a rabid animal. :-)

PhoenixNYC...agreed. I'd like to seem so serious investigation, subpeona's, indictments come out of the oversight hearings. I think they could start with the dismissal of the US attorneys to make way for Bu$hCo cronies.

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