Google Scrooge (Beta)

As the popularity of Gmail skyrockets, Google has started the process of snapping up all the national variants of "gmail.xy", but in Poland they've run into a little trouble. "gmail.pl" is already owned by the "Grupa Mlodych Artystow i Literatow" or "Group of Young Artists and Writers", a cooperative that publicizes the works of young Polish poets.

Predictably, Google is suing and trying to get the Polish telecommunications tribunal to force GMAiL to give up the domain. And admittedly the poet's cooperative did acquire the domain with the knowledge that it would probably raise their profile, but come on Google...give 'em a break! GMAiL has no financial incentive here--they don't make any money at what they do and haven't asked for a buyout. 99.999999% of all people in the world are going to continue to use gmail.com. And for Pete's sake...they're poets!

Give 'em a grant, let 'em keep the domain, and act like the magnanimous company you're reputed to be. Sheesh!


That's...how do you say, Polish?
Google could just make them part of the Google package and use them for poetry and other artistic endeavors. Then when the poet site gets huge, Google can buy them a new domain and take gmail
Fred... :-)

Scott... Great idea! They could call it "Google Verse (Beta)"
Kvatch, are you asking a huge company to give the little guy a break? Poets no less?! Are you feeling ok? Shall I send chicken soup?
Google. Magnanimous.
Old Broad, CitizenBoo...you're right. Pass those asperin. :-)
I believe Google started out with the best of intentions, but when their stock passed the moon, magnanimous was replaced by suits and bean counters. When a stock is trading at $300+ on the floor, magnanimous is not a word heard often.:)

They have became the Microsoft of the web....said in all of the most negative connotations possible.
Isn't it google that has a company policy to "do no evil?"
TFWY... Being in Bay Area, I know a number of "Googler's," colleagues that went there in the last couple of years. Most say it's a terrific place, and as Windspike mentions, they try to live up to the "do no evil" mantra.

That's what makes moves like this surprising. There's no value in it yet they persist. Perhaps it's a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing?

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