Gavin's Glass Ceiling

So Gav...can I call you "Gav"? Well why the hell not? "Mayor Newsom," sounds a little formal don't ya think? Considering that you're acting like a petulant twit who just wants the press to go away. I mean...you are following a sort of Hollywood-like trajectory: You divorce the wife; Date a woman who can't meet the 'half-your-age-plus-seven' rule (hell she can't even drink); Get fingered for boinking the assistant, your campaign manager's wife, no less; Enter rehab for alcohol abuse; And then pay off the campaign manager! Are you f*cking kidding me?!

Let me clue you in on something bonehead: You were elected to run the City of San Francisco not play the part of 'John Kennedy of the 00's. And while we're on the subject...I have to ask: Is this the totality of your political ambition? Sure you'll probably get elected mayor again--let's face it Che Guevara could get elected here, and that would be after he'd led a revolution to take over Marin--but you're never going to go any higher. You're done. Good thing you have all those 'hobbies'--your wine business, the restaurants, the parties, the spread in Harper's. You're going need something to keep you busy when this boring-mayoral-gig is over.

And by the way...the hairstyle is creepy.


The hairstyle is definately creepy now that we know all this other creepy stuff about him. Glad we found out before he was, say, up ten points in Iowa in 2011.
Don't sugar coat it. Let it all out.
Dave... You got it! "Hey Gav... What's with the ties in the same shade of blue that Bush wears?" ;-)

SA... I think Gav's bored and sabotaging his political career himself. He's been pretty testy with the Supes lately, and our Supes pretty powerful.
Oh froggy harsh. The bloke is just doing what those young bucks do.
Hell, if he was an actor/politician no one would blink.
Wow, he must be really good at multitasking.
Good God! The man could keep the Inquirer in business all by himself.
Cartledge... "Young buck"? The dude's my age and should damn well know better! In addition, I sort of have the feeling that he is an actor/politician. His most aggressive and visible intiatives put him front and center on the national stage where he could really perform.

Julien...indeed! :-)

Peacechick...it's looking that way isn't it? I wish he'd just get back to the business of running San Francisco.
I've been saying for a while dude's dying for a makeove. Need to get that greasy kid stuff out of his hair.
"Get fingered for boinking the assistant,..."

That amphibian sure can turn a phrase, can't he?
I'm not sure where you come down on this guy. Can you please not be so wishy-washy and tell us what you really feel? :-)
it's true that if he weren't the mayor, nobody would blink. as a jaded, near 50 year old woman, i can say that nothing men-in-power do surprises me anymore. i mean, look at cops, priests, and all the way up. i do not condone his actions in the least. it's sad stuff.

i was born and raised in san francisco, as was my dad and his dad. one of the last stellar mayors was moscone, but a crazy, twinkie-eating ex-cop saw to his early demise.
Fashiongirl... You think maybe Gav uses 'Dapper Dan'?

That amphibian sure can turn a phrase, can't he?

PT...only when I mad or have had too much to drink.
Elsa...not clear enough for you huh? I know that sometimes I just can't seem to get the point across. ;-)

Annie... Moscone? Nobody since him? Actually, I think that Willie Brown was a pretty good mayor, combative with the Board of Supervisors, but still a lot got done during Hizhonor's administration. Our great 'MUNI revival' was mostly due to Brown's giving the transit agency an independant budget and taking oversight for appointments away from the Supes.
willie was great as an assemblyman, but one thing i definitely didn't like was his readiness to invite too much gentrification into the city.
my family and i supported his election and cheered his victory, but i think he could have done some great things there that were left undone. no easy answers.

have a good weekend.

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