First Poetry Thursday, Now Poetry Saturday

For those of you who didn't get enough verse with your blogging during last week's Poetry Thursday, The Poetry Man has decided to run a weekly poetry contest. He'll accept entries through Saturday and post a weekly winner. Check it out here, but I warn you, my entry is already in. So any of you lesser verse-meisters will have to compete against the Frog.

No...not you Snave! I didn't mean you! Don't hurt me!


me first....on boy....your blog looks nice...
hmm, poetry...I am not in the right mood...
too grumpy right now...I have to email you again about a friend in need...
LOL, I can't find a word that rhymes with "cat". I'm no poet.....but you are :)
I wouldn't dare go up against you or anyone else. Have fun.
Oh great... I put up a post to plug The Poetry Man's contest, and I end up dampening the enthusiasm! ;-)
I'm gonna go to TMP's to read all the entries. I'm no poet and I know it.
See, I suck at poetry.
kvatch, thanks for the plug my friend.

Whoooeeee... I don't know... I might have to check this one out! Heh!
Old Broad... Don't sell yourself short. You never know when the poetry muse might inspire you.

TPM... It was my pleasure!

Snave... Oh no! Just after I shoot my mouth off. Could you just hold off one week? :-)
Can I be the first to congratulate you on your winning entry?

BEAUTIFUL poem, Kvatch. The words were simply powerful!
A moving poem, one that sheds light on a problem we are too willing to ignore.
Thanks Msliberty, Case. But to be fair, that one is a retread from Poetry Thursday. I promise that I'll do an original for next week.

Congrats and sorry I did not get the “where can I be safe” title in on time. I kind of like the “untitled” being the first winner of Saturday Sonata! :>)

Thank you for your wonderful poem submission and congrats on the win. You have been published on the A Poetic Justice Saturday Sonata page AND on A Poetic Justice…

Please enter another and tell your friends, etc, to give it a shot as well.

Thank you for your voice my friend.

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