The First, The Last, and The One You Missed

I believe that our musical tastes say more about us than most other indulgences. Since I've asked just about every other musical question I can come up with, the Blognonymous musical question this Friday is: What artist do you regret never having seen in concert? And just to make it interesting add to that the first concert you ever saw and the most recent.

Here are mine:

The First - Heart

So it's 1978, and I'm bugging and bugging my mother to let me go and see my first concert. Oddly, I don't really spend much time listening to rock having been raised in a household where the only thing I ever heard was classical, but Heart was one band that I did listen to, and I got to see them while doing their tour for Dog & Butterfly. It was an awesome concert.

The Last - U2

I have seen U2 in concert twice. Once in 1984 during their tour for The Unforgettable Fire (still my favorite U2 release) and once last year when the Frogette scored a pair of prime seats for the How To Build An Atomic Bomb tour. Though I might have expected this last time to be a disappointment, it definitely was not! U2 puts on as good a show today as they did two decades ago.

The One I Missed - Prince

I was living in the Twin Cities when 'Minneapolis Funk' was not an oxymoron--the heyday of Prince and the Revolution. I've seen The Time play live at the 7th St. Entry. I've danced at Glam Slam more times than I can count. I've been thrown out of First Avenue by Prince and his entourage, but I've never seen the man play live. Along with having missed the era of Steely Dan, it is my biggest musical regret.

OK, now to be fair... The last 'concert' that I saw was not really U2. It was Kronos Quartet playing John Adams' collection, John's Book of Alleged Dances, but I didn't think that it really fit with the theme.


I regret never seeing Miles Davis in concert. I would say Louis Armstrong, but he was a little before my time. I have seen all my other favorite modern trumpeters in concert except Miles.

My first concert was Kiss when I was like 5. My babysitter took me. I don't remember much except we were out late and it was loud.

Most recently I saw Josh Groban. If you like good vocals and someone who interacts well with the audience, I don't know of anyone better. Except when you are spending the whole concert trying not to cry so that your wife can't make fun of you. That gets stressful. Not that it happened to me though. I am very masculine and tough, but other guys
One I wish I saw:

Bob Marley and the Wailers

First: Adam and the Ants 1981

Most recent: U2

I have seen U2 32 times. First was the WAR TOUR in 1983.
Scott... You know I wasn't thinking jazz when I posted this, but if I could go back in time then it would have to be Thelonious Monk for me. Though I have to say that Miles Davis is another great choice.

PhoenixNYC... I'm not a big reggae fan, but Marley would be worth seeing for anyone, I think.

32 U2 performances?! You're a roadie, right?
My first concert was Bad Company when I was 10 years old. I went with my mom while my Dad was out of town. I remember it being smoky and LOUD. The first concert I asked to go to was Journey. I was a freshman in high school. My parents went with me and a couple of my friends. (My brother went to 'hear' the Grateful Dead while he was 8 months in utero. I sometimes wish I could claim that one!)

The one that got away - Duran Duran. When I was in high school, I had the biggest crush on Simon LeBon. It never worked out to where I could see them in concert though.

The last concert I saw....hmmm...it's been a while. Before kids. Maybe it was Cake or possibly Alanis Morrisette. I'll ask hubby when he gets home b/c I'm sure he was there too.

I am due for a concert!
One I wish I saw: Le Petit Prince, once when he came to SF for an impromptu show. For some reason, I couldn't go with my cousins, who already had tickets. He ended up going on for like two hours or something.

One that got away: Duran Duran. I was a big fan, but was too young to realize the fun in going to live shows.

Most recent: The Slits @ Mezzanine, SF. And the one before that, that I liked better was seeing The Gossip at Bottom of the Hill about a few weeks before that.
Pam, Mags, Since you both mentioned Duran Duran... Of the new wave bands that I never saw play live--and there were many--I guess I would have to pick The Fixx. Reach the Beach was an awesome CD--so much so that I still play it regularly.

Of the New Wave bands that I did see, Tears for Fears probably tops the list.
First was Leon Russell, back in about 1972 or '73, at the now-long-gone Ontario Motor Speedway. Last was Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven at the Independent here in SF in January. The one I missed? Jeez, that's tough, because I haven't missed many shows in my life. I've seen literally hundreds -- maybe in the thousands -- of concerts. I've seen artists like Dylan, Springsteen, the Stones, Bowie, Elvis Costello and Van Morrison dozens of times each. I guess I can narrow it down to two, and both can never happen because of the death of the principal performers: I would love to have seen Jimi Hendrix play live, and I regret never having seen the Allman Brothers, especially since Duane Allman's untimely demise.

Speaking of artists who met an untimely demise: I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan exactly once in Austin in 86. The show was terrible because Vaughan was blasted, but I treasure the memory because I never saw him live again, and now...never will.
The first concert I saw was Todd Rundgren/Utopia in 1977. The last concert I saw was Neil Young's Greendale tour. It was the last thing I did as a married person with my wife.
There aren't any that I regretted missing, although there are plenty I regretted seeing in West Michigan, home of the lamest sit on your hands audiences in the US.

Speaking of Stevie Ray, I saw him in '86, too, with The Fabulous Thunderbirds opening, with my two hippie girlfriends. That was an awesome show, especially the encore when Stevie Ray and his brother Jimmie came out and played the same double necked guitar.
first: Eric Clapton '95??

last: DJ Shadow, last fall at the Avalon in Hollywood

the one I missed: Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl
First concert: White Zombie (my how times have changed)

Last concert: I saw the Black Keys at first avenue a few months back.

Modest mouse is coming to town next month.
First: The Beatles '64 or '65 just after A Hard Day's Night came out.

Last: been awhile, maybe Beau Soleil? wish I'd taken french more seriously.

Wish List: Dylan, Bob Marley, U2 (though I don't care for mega venues), maybe even Tom Waits in some smokey dive at 2AM.

[hey generik, I saw Leon Russell about the same time, in Vegas. He & Joe Cocker were playing a double header with The Eagles, if you can believe that. Leon blew me away, all that long GREY hair, porkpie hat, & so cool & calm, he was very obviously the conductor of that evening. We were all just along for the ride]

kvatch, why wouldn't Kronos Quartet fit your list? was there a theme I missed? ~~ D.K.
Loved Heart...still do...The Dog and the Butterfly...a favorite.
Lew... The Fab Thunderbirds used to kick around Austin a bit, but I never got to see them live. Would have been cool though.

Comandante...now there's another concert worth seeing Radiohead, but I have to say it would have been better in the OK Computer days. I don't think Kid A or Amnesiac would really be all that interesting live.
Graeme... You know, I get back to Mpls. to see the in-laws periodically and First Avenue looks just the same, but I haven't been there in an age.

D.K.... You get the 'cool concert award' for the Beatles. I wasn't old enough even at the end of their existence. As for Kronos...it's not that they don't count, but really I was thinking of Rock/Pop when I thought this up.

Sumo...know what you mean. :-)
First (Not counting "Up With People" c. 1974-5) Genesis ABACAB Tour. Friendly fans and decent seats, the music was current with only a Lamb Lies Down... Old Stuff requirement fulfilled. Me an' my 15 year old bud had a blast while his Mom knitted in the car.


Last (Not counting Kenneth Thomas or other DJ's performing their own mixes.) Sarah McLaughlin in '05. All her hits plus the woman is simply an intimate performer. Gund Arena is iffy for shows, but her band and her personality were more than up for the challenge. I only wish I'd had floor seats rather than a suite in the far corner of the arena.

Can not complain 'bout that though, eh. {-;

Phantom Ozzie Ozborne, 1983. The Crue was opening, too, but my car got punched in the mouth by a telephone pole on the way outta town so another stoner got my ticket. Memorable for the fact that teh Judge decided Reckless Op was a better lesson to teach a first-timer than the cheaper Failure to Control with which the cop on the scene had charged me.


Cool exercise, Kvatch. Thanks for inviting us. ;-}
I'm not sure I can remember which was my first concert. Maybe Roxy Music, on their Manifesto tour.

Most recent concert, I'm not sure about. It's been close to 10 years since I went to a concert as such. Most recent live music (club/bar variety) would be the Pine Box Boys.

And the one that got away was Thin White Rope. They were playing in SF in 1991, but the gig was the same night I was leaving for a Sierra Club trip. They broke up after that. There is a live album from that last tour called, appropriately enough, The One That Got Away.
I got to see Stevie Ray Vaughn once as well, and he was sober (enough). Jeff Beck opened, and Carlos Santana joined him for one of the encores. Amazing show. I've seen Prince and Tom Waits -- both were great -- but I would also add Bob Marley to my regret list.xdignye
First: Lollapalooza 96' at the Syracuse State Fairgrounds

Last: Dave Matthews, Darien Lake

Missed: Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Blind Melon. Would have given anything to see any of these guys in concert.
note to frederick: I saw Pink Floyd at a high school gymnasium about 1971! The audience sat on the basketball court, no chairs. I think my whole life changed that night, but later it was hard to say why. From what I remember, this was around Atom Heart Mother, maybe Meddle was just out. Their light show was far beyond anything I'd seen up to that point, kind of like The Wall movie they eventually did. It was a totally integrated performance seeming to bring together the whole cosmos, esp if you were zonked out of your mind.

Generic saw Tom Waits? Now I'm jealous. I've loved seeing him talk & sing on Letterman. ~~ D.K.
First: Perfect Circle 2001 in New Orleans.

Last: Tool 2001 in Atlanta at the Tabernacle.

Missed: Too many.
First: Herman's Hermits

Last:Allman Brothers (many of those in between when everybody was still alive)

Missed: Steely Dan Hope they do another tour
Michael... I would have liked to have seen Genesis in the Peter Gabriel days, but I was too young. Ah well...

Tom... Speaking of local stalwarts, I got to hear The Mermen at the [old] 9:30 Club in DC, and have been a fan ever since.

Generik... That actually sounds like an awesome lineup. Sure would have beaten my one drunken brush with Stevie Ray.
Fred... I would have paid a lot to see Nirvana just one time. Never did.

I did however see Pink Floyd in D.C. in 94. Much different than D.K.'s experience , I suspect. My brother, a much bigger Pink Floyd fan than I, basically camped out in front of the UofM box office for about a week and got us tickets. 32nd row on the floor of RFK Statium, dead center. It was a very good concert but what was most astounding was that there at least 3 generations of fans in the audience that night.
First: The Romantics at Pine Knob
Last: Sir Elton John at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco
Missed: Nirvana, Queen (a second time), INXS
I saw Heart, and they were really, really good. Never saw U2, which I would have liked, but the one I would have liked most would have been Rush. I'm just too old for concerts now....

My first concert was Styx. My last was.... I'm not sure! Maybe AC/DC?
I'd really like to see Sarah McLachlan, too.
First: Three Dog Night back in the 70's. Not by choice, but a friend wanted to go real bad and her mom insisted she couldn't go alone... First by personal choice? Elton John for the "Yellow Brick Road" album - back in the platform shoes and bizarro glasses years.

Last: The Rolling Stones - for the third time, because it will probably be the last time.

Wish: The Who, Chicago, or Aerosmith.
Tom... Speaking of local stalwarts, I got to hear The Mermen at the [old] 9:30 Club in DC, and have been a fan ever since.

Great stuff. I got to see them open for Dick Dale, which was an amazing show.
Hedy... I too would have like to see INXS, and actually there were a number of other Australia/New Zealand bands that I could lump in there: The Church, Not Drowning, Waving, The Wolfgang Press. I was fortunate to see my favorite, Crowded House, twice.

I'm just too old for concerts now....

Julien... I know how you feel. When I went to U2 last year, I wore ear-plugs through the whole concert for the first time--had used them before but not for a whole concert.

Sewmouse... Seeing Aerosmith in concert would be something. Not likely now, I suppose. Though they seem to go on and on much like the Rolling Stones.
When I saw the Who (on their 1rst Farewell Tour! lol!) in '83, it was just incredible. Daltry tried playing guitar (on Face Dances?) and the thing kept feeding back, so after a minute or so of that he and Townsend shook their heads at each other laughing and said, "we're gonna start this one over".

They were serious about putting on a good show, eh.

What's his name? Miami Steve (E-Street Band) opened up and was a pretty darned good choice, even though I knew almost none of their tunes ahead of time.

I guess I wanna a "Best" category, then I've got to call a Tie: Queensryche's Empire tour and Rush - Grace Under Pressure. Both sounded Studio sharp but with even more personality.

McLachlan. McLachlan. McLachlan.

LOL! :)

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