Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

Popped up yesterday afternoon on Blognonymous.

If I wasn't contractually forbidden from clicking my own ads...


I think my anonymous Faux News spammer is back, and I think that they have forgotten how to use the TAB key.
So did you answer the question?:) I shouldn't be laughing at you. I've got a dickhead of my own hanging around like a STD...(:
You won't believe the fucking spam I get frog.

Hundreds a day or the most gross type of porn you can imagine.

I have to sort and delete out my comments 4 times a day. If I slip and miss a few days, I end up with thousands of comment spams.

My filter works ok but they find a way around it.
o did you answer the question?:)

Well...if you mean did I click the link? Nope, can't. My contract with Adsense forbids me from clicking ads on one of my own site. But if you mean "did I answer it personally?" Well...I'm a frog for Pete's sake. How smart could I be? ;-)

PoliS, I would believe it! Before I turned on word verification, the spambots were the only commenters I got!
The way I feel this morning, my answer to am I stupid would be, apparently.
What was your intuitive reply, KVatch?
How odd - whitehouse.gov gets the same pop-up ad. Google must have goofed.
...whitehouse.gov gets the same pop-up ad

Blogs for Bush as well.

Windspike... Mentioned it just above, "I'm a frog! How smart could I be?"
I wish originally a spambot, but got saved by Blognonymous.

Am I Stupid?

Or just saved...

Wish Was... What's the difference...

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