Cheney Sees His Shadow

"Hmmm... Six more years of war!"

(Sorry for two Groundhog Day posts (and *I do* know it was Friday), but I just couldn't help myself.)


...at least 6, if he has his way.
Six more years of war, but thankfully, only two more years of Bush/Cheney (unless Congress finally does it's job and impeaches them).
"War, waa, war."

All I can hear is John Stewart, lol.
Lizzy... It's good for American business you know.

Lew...true. It's the little things that we have to hold on to.

Fred... I was reluctant to do another Groundhog Day post, but after Snaves "Cheney's big ass," comment on the first, I couldn't resist.
Cheney should be seeing his shadow through prison cell bars.

What makes you think it's only six more years of war? Cheney is much more greedy than that.
I wonder why Lew seems so convinced it's only going to be 2 more years of Shrub/Vader?

I fully expect a major "Terrah Attack" on or about October 25, 2008, which will require a "State of Emergency" and "Martial Law" and the suspension of elections.
Cheney should be seeing his shadow through prison cell bars.

PoP... If the Libby trial keeps going the way it's going, he may yet.

Sewmouse... I think that there might be another attack--actually, in these times, it's probably a certainty--but the 'Thuglicans will only use it to try and boost their own candidate.

I should probably read up on how one could even suspend elections in the US. I don't think the Executive has the authority to do that without Congress.
ROFL, POP. Exactly.
hahahaha good one mate
Fred, PoP... I could have Photoshopped in the bars, but I was moving quickly. :-)

PhoenixNYC...many thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.
I heard Cheney didn't cast a shadow.
Do vampires cast shadows?

I guess human bloodsuckers do.
Peacechick, Libhom... Actually Cheney doesn't cast shadows, can't see himself in a mirror, and keeps his soul in a tiny locket around his neck just in case Satan shows up looking for it.

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