Breakfast At The White House

I'm busting my hump to secure our energy supplies, and that mother-f*cker wins an Academy Award for a slide show on global-f*cking-warming?!

"Turd Blossom...get your fat ass in here. Weren't you the moron who said that denying climate change was a winner?!"

HT to the Frogette for the idea.


Correction Kvatch, Gore's show was a powerpoint production, not just your average ordinary slide show! It's all about the polar bears, and Mellisa Ethridge thanking her Wife as well for the love and her four children. Wowie zowie, in the land of controversy, there really wasn't much to speak of last night was there?
Hey hey HEY. Hey now: Gore uses Keynote on a Powerbook! Suck on it, Redmond!
F@#&ing Blogger links!

This is the one.
Windspike... Nope I heard about the DiCaprio/Gore joke, but other than that I heard that the awards were boring. I was just happy that all the right people won.

Mr_Blog... You are, of course, correct and I knew that as well, but George probably doesn't know the difference between Windoze and OS X.
I bet Bush right now wants an academy award more than he wants the Presidency.

I can't wait for Bush's documentary on how oil really burns clean and all the smog is just left over dinosaur flatulence. And how there is really a limitless supply of energy so long as we have the stomach to keep invading middle eastern nations.
I didn't find out about it until late today, as I never watch them, or even bother to see who won what.

But I'm with you. The first thing I thought of was "Boy, there must be some steam coming out of some ears in the White House."

Damn shame, too!:)
I like the bit from Mr Blog's link where Tipper says, “Well, Mr. Information Superhighway, why don’t you put your slides on your computer?”


Still, I don't blame Turd Blossom for Shrub's mental midgetitude. Just for exacerbating it with all that ego stroking.

"And now for the Most Convincing Buffoon on a National Stage, the nominees are..."

TFWY... Well the rightist smear machine has cranked into high gear. They're criticizing everything from Gore's car to his house to how he gets around the country.
Michael, "mental midgetitude"! Awesome. :-)

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