Alfred Nobel Rolls Over In His Grave

Yes it has been a busy week, and I've been a schlub on the posting front, but this is a tidbit I just couldn't pass up...

Rush Limbaugh has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by the Landmark Legal Foundation, an organization upon whose board the radio host sits...unpaid, of course! Mark Levin, the group's President cited Rush's:

"...nearly two decades of tireless efforts to promote liberty, equality and opportunity for all humankind, regardless of race, creed, economic stratum or national origin."

...along with Rush's selfless dedication to kicking his Oxycontin habit, his cheery disposition, and his unfailing politeness to his guests.


The Landmark group makes a mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize nomination process. There aren't any wingnuts out there who know what peace is... are there? I suppose if they really believe war is peace, there are lots of them, but man... yuccch!!!
That's a joke, right?
How the heck did the Right get its hands on a sense of humor? This has gotta violate a trade embargo.
Snave, Lizzy... Perhaps Rush is there to make all the other candidates look good. Though I like Mr_Blog's suggestion that it just proves that the wingnuts have a sense of humor.
If the wingnuts really had sense of humor, they'd nominate Dick Cheney. I think this is just to add to Rush's resume.
A Peace Prize for Mr. FatAss? Then I'm fat with monkey's flying out my butt and bald too! Where's my prize?
If the wingnuts really had sense of humor, they'd nominate Dick Cheney. I think this is just to add to Rush's resume.

Cheney? For 'service to humanity' in the form of dealing with the lawyers?

Sumo... I'll nominate you, no problem!
I'd just like to point out that I didn't indicate how much of a sense of humor is indicated by the nomination. If it is supposed to be funny, the only humorous element is a slight detectable trace of irony. Paula Abdul would probably be more generous, but I have to judge Mr. Levin's performance "extremely dry," and probably too advanced for a beginner. Practice.
Limbaugh is 'nominated' only in the sense that that batshit crazy doctor in the Schiavo case was 'nominated'. The real nomination process is confidential and by invitation only. I could 'nominate' myself and have exactly the same status as Rush Limbaugh, which is to say none at all.

Kissinger, on the other hand...that, I think, was the sick joke that went way too far.
I want to be nominated for the Nobel Prize. I am at least as deserving as Limbaugh
Mr_Blog... actually I think that we buried the needle on the irony meter.

Tom... I know, I know, but if I took the "real" nomination process into account then it wouldn't be nearly as much fun to blog about. Now would it?

Scott... Welcome to Blognonymous, and in honor of your comment [BING!] you're nominated!
Either you're joking and I missed it yet again...or you're responsible for a keyboard covered with barf!..(:
Theonion.org material!
TFWY... They really did make this announcement--boggles the mind--but as Tom points out it's only symbolic.

Romunov...does sound like The Onion, doesn't it? I thought that I'd misread this when it first popped up on RawStory.
I think if Landmark is going to nominate Rush, someone should also nominate Rush's pilonoidal cyst and his oxycontin habit. Now THAT would demonstrate a sense of humor. So...

I hereby nominate Rush Limbaugh's pilonoidal cyst for the Nobel Peace Prize, because through Rush developing it and using it to avoid going to war and killing people, it proves he is a man of peace.

I also hereby nominate Rush Limbaugh's oxycontin habit for the Nobel Peace Prize. Through the development of this drug habit, Rush has learned about making special business deals, and that this helps the American economy, and thus helps the world economy. Thus, because he is doing his part to better the world economically, it proves he is a man of peace.

Well, maybe not re. the drug habit, but I'm ready to see his cyst win the prize!!

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