Poetry Thursday - Snave Gets His Due

I'm going to be busy and away from my usual news sources today. So I'm declaring... Poetry Thursday on Blognonymous. Attack a topic, opine on the news, let me know, but do it in verse, and I'll link it here. Come on all you budding Nerudas, let me see you compose!

And to start we feature a man who never fails to rise to the challenge of verse. Whenever I crank out a few couplets, Snave responds...only better. Here was his response to my SOTU poem:

Primates heading down the ladder.
Bush is bad, is Cheney badder?
They're both bad, is Rummy worse?
Evolution's in reverse!

Shouting preachers make us weary.
Gravity is just a theory!
Now I fear they'll soon be calling
For schools to teach "Intelligent Falling".

Bush can stand and smirk and boast,
But we all know he's really toast.
Republicans feel duty-bound,
But they don't like what they have found.

Now the emperor, widely loathed,
Really, truly, has no clothes.
They'll support their party, true,
But now they don't know what to do.

Stick with Fearless Leader now?
Or get him out of there somehow?
They can't give him adoration
When he's using obfuscation.

Chimpletons, come on, unite!
Help us fight the country's fight!
Not Iraq and not Iran,
But flushing Dumbya down the can!

With your help we'll get it done.
You never know... it might be fun!
Let's be strong, let's not be vague:
Let's send the sucker to The Hague.


Brilliant. : )
Really! You think anyone can top that? I don't.
Lizzy, PoP... Snave is the man, but there's more is coming.
My country’s day of celebration
A prison wrought into a nation
Occurs here on this very day
It is Australia, what can I say?

Our leader serves the US nation
From his south Pacific station
Okay, before you start to shrug
Thank Howard for being a Bush butt plug!
If truth is such a dirty word
Why is it so seldom heard?
We laugh at politicians prose
For life’s a chore, heaven knows

We’d settle for linguistic porn
Playful bashing, ruthless scorn
In place we get pretentious crap
Senses dulled from mental slap

Compliments, all around
For now the lady wears a crown
Find a way to bring a smile
Go the extra pseudo-mile

Then fill us with your dirty lies
Pleasantry the truth belies
We’ll listen when you’ve what to say
For now we’ll keep the kids away

For truth is such a dirty word
That’s why today it’s never heard
The fatalistic urge it grows
The lowest of the lowest lows

Rhetoric, tired and worn
Allegiances, ripped and torn
Fall into our best-laid trap
Then we’ll all just start to clap

Keep on smiling, never frown
Your friends would never let you down
We love your speeches, full of bile
Condescending, false and vile

We want to hear your dirty lies
Far above the children’s cries
You know you have the greatest sway
For that we know we all must pay

For truth is such a dirty word
To speak it plainly is absurd
So now the lies line up in rows
Semi-circles in formal clothes
Snave's the one who spins the rhymes
On GOP and all their crimes
A simple rhyme scheme, easy rhythm
Serves penetrating criticism

I wish I were so fine a poet
I'd never hesitate to show it.
For now I'm happy just to laud him
A few short couplets to applaud him.
You're all so brilliant!
I am so jealous
In your vast talent
That is so zealous

Your days are sharp
With wit and brine
To have your style
I'd build a shrine

As luck would have it
I lack the spirit
I'd sooner bear it
Than to disinherit.
Isn't only rhythms
rhymes and such
that mechanically move our muse
before us

Isn't just the competition
and camaraderie
of trying to outdo
those whom we respect

Isn't merely ego
our desire
to flash our wares
and prowess

Is a unified purpose
one and all here share
of fear and loathing
for certain treacheries
corrupting Halls of Power

And love of freedom
truth and beauty
To find again our pride
Indivisible our country
States United
I'm late, but here's the Fitzmas take from Hooterville:

"Twas the night before Fitzmas, and through Hootervill-age,
A hope was held out for an end to the pillage.
An end to the theft of American dollars,
An end to the demonization of scholars.

The people of Hooterville wished and they prayed
For justice and peace to be no more DeLayed.
They longed for the day that their country would be
No longer a captive of venality.

For many a year now, the Hooterville people
Have cried, "What's the matter with all of you sheeple?
How can you just sit there and let this go on?"
But, sadly, their outrage was met by a yawn.

And those who were stealing from those who have least,
Rampaging like some kind of greed-maddened beast,
Were holding us up, shouting, "This is a heist!
So put up your hands in the name of our Christ!"

Then, what to our wondering eyes should appear
But a man speaking words that we so longed to hear:
"It's time for the Piper at last to be paid"
And Hooterville happily hip-hip-hoorayed.

Indictments all round for the scum who would claim
That they'd never known Wilson or Valerie Plame
And all along, vengeance had been the sole reason
To 'out' our own agent, and so commit treason.

For war must be waged, and their coffers be filled -
Who cares about mothers whose sons have been killed?
Who cares for the dying, the crying, the hurtin' -
Just look at those profits for ol' Halliburton!

It's time for the hammer of justice to fall;
Time we put a stop to it once and for all.
A stop to corruption, and cronies, and lies.
Let's stop before one more American dies.

And what do I want 'neath my own Fitzmas tree?
A Scooter, a Rover, maybe a Cheney!

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