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Why not? Capitalism RULES (gag). When I fill up my car with gas, the ENTIRE TIME THE PUMP IS RUNNING, the stupid computer inside it is YAPPING about some crap or another. Utterly disgusting.
Brillant! - advertising and consumerism all in the name of homeland security! is the TSA really that hard up for cash? Maybe they can add some corporate logos to their uniforms. Golden arches on the back of their shirts would look snazzy.
Old Broad, Comandante... It reminds me of those advertisements that they stick above the urinals knowing that men will do everything possible to keep from looking to the side. Have you ever watched a TSA line? Everybody with their heads down, looking sheepish. Advertising genius, it is!
Shopping cart handles.
Bus interior roofs.
Bus stop benches.
The wind-screen walls at "L" stops.
Airport hallway walls.
Select Volkswagens.

Somehow, somewhere, you KNOW that someone is going to figure out how to do it to the atmosphere, "This Sunset Brought to you by Verizon Wireless...."
Hey now, Sewmouse. That's U.S. Cellular Field to us (un)tried and true patriots!


Heard the story on NPR yesterday. Figured it was only a matter of time, eh.
How about if we just give all our money to the corperations--they can have it all, every penny on earth--and we promise to work eighty five hours a week, will they leave us alone then?
This Sunset Brought to you by Verizon Wireless...

Sewmouse... SHHHHHSH! Don't give them any ideas!

Michael, you know it! How much do you think those bins will cost? About the price of a military toilet seat?

SA, doubt it. Consumption keeps this country running, not your's and my pitiful efforts on behalf of the machine. Aren't you out there right now buying something? What are you...unamerican?!
Won't it be fun to put your items in the tray now? I tell you, this Homeland Security is getting to be the party animals.
Okay, this is a true LAX experience. As we went through the line at LAX enroute to Tahiti, my friend was stopped. They were scrutinizing her carry on. Seems there was an unexplained gel. They opened her bag. It was hand creme. They made her put it in a baggie.

Later, at the hotel, she pulls a nail file out of her carry on. It is metal, and looked like a Swiss Army Knife. Hand creme in a ziplock plastic bag, but the metal nail file gets through.

Oh, and that's a pretty good likeness of Osama in the tray. Wonder when it will get onto the milk cartons?

Oh, and Sewmouse, and Michaelbains, if you were CUBS fans, it would still be Wrigley Field. I'm just saying.
Oh, and that's a pretty good likeness of Osama in the tray. Wonder when it will get onto the milk cartons?

Ah Diva...here at Blognonymous we strive for authenticity. ;-) Milk cartons are coming.

Peacechick, downright scary I would think. Just imagine say...Cheney's leering face staring up at you from the TSA tray.
Don't forget to put them on the trays in the White House cafeteria.
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As a kid, my parents had a dart board hanging up in our den that had Nixon's face as the bull's eye. I always thought that was marketing genius. Who'da thunk it that I could now be reminded of the man that our current evil Repuke prez frankly doesn't give much thought to anymore, while cleaning out my kitty-cat's litter box?
There was even a plan afoot for a while to launch giant inflatable mylar balloons into orbit that would feature advertising that you could see from earth. Day or night. There was an uproar that squelched the idea.

For now.

But you KNOW that idea is still out there, and someone's trying to figure out how to pull it off.
didn't they have some idea to do this with satellites a few years back? I think Atlanta wanted some glowing olympic rings or some shit like that.

yay, madison ave.
Mr_Blog! I can always count on you to supply the exclamation point on an idea! :-)

Tina, I was thinking using the Deciderer himself, but I just didn't have that "where's Waldo" quality that I was looking for.

Haris, Alice...just better ideas for doing Sewmouse's sunset idea, huh?
I'm with old broad and comandante agi ...
and how tacky ... and I didn't know about the ads above the urinals, but that's tacky too ... love the picture, though!
Just think though, if you buy them now they will throw in a hammer that passengers can use to beat Osama's head for all the shit they have too go through just to get on a plane.
I'm waiting for them to be put in the bottom of urinals and toilet stools. Express your relief at last....:)
He's certainly somewhere, but not in airports stripping for security. We leave that to the experts in the W, Rove and Co to strip us of our rights.
ProfZ, thanks for stopping by Blognonymous. About the urinal thing...those ads have been around for at least
a decade--tacky but everywhere, at least around here.

AnonP... I like it. Stress relief just before you get on your flight.
TFWY, would that constitute 'crap advertising'?

Windspike, true. But put Osama's picture in a hundred thousand TSA bins, and your bound to get a least one tip, right?
Heheh.. No thanks, Divajood. It's bad enough being an Indians fan, don't ya know.


At least our stadium is still named for the previous team-owner. For another year or two, at any rate. Then it too will go to the Highest Bidder.

Yes, Tina! I also identified that as a litter box. As a cat owner, I can just imagine how nice it would be to have that picture in either of our cats' litter boxes... maybe Osama in one and Dumbya in the other. I can just imagine Baby Mackie pinching off a pungent steamer and then burying it with Bush or Osama beneath!

At our house in the early-mid 70s when I was a young teenager, my dad and I had a dartboard with all kinds of people on it... problem was, back then I was pretty conservative, basically adopting my dad's political opinions... so our board had LBJ, HHH, McCarthy, McGovern, etc. It also had pictures of Castro, Mao, etc.

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