Kvatch Kvetches - Ugh! Politics As Usual

For Congress, Bush Chooses Schooling Rather Than Negotiating
And the f*cker doesn't even have the balls to talk to congressional leaders directly, choosing instead the OpEd page of the Wall Street Journal to deliver his admonitions. Here's a bulletin for you Georgie, the election wasn't about pork barrel politics, save for the notion that record deficits piss people off. So maybe you should tone down the arrogance before you alienate the few remaining Americans who think you don't suck.

When Legislating, Pelosi Chooses Speed Over Cooperation
And the GOP gets cut out of the loop, complaining all the while. But for those who recall, it was Gingrich who first trumpeted the wisdom of freezing the opposition out of the legislative process. Guess the chickin's is coming home to roost, huh Newt? Think that Pelosi will sacrifice an ambitious agenda to make the GOP feel better? I wouldn't put odds on it.

Pat Prognosticates - Tells Us We're Doomed
So...uh...Pat, if you're trying to improve your apocalyptic track record, this might not be the way to do it. That whole 'tsunami hits the United States in 2006' thing didn't work out so well. At least you wouldn't let them nail you down to the type of attack.


the froggie has got it right - for sure this year! thanks for the 'real' news updates!
I think those "few remaining Americans" who don't think the Shrub sucks are hopeless.
Marion strikes again, his record so checkered it's hard to believe he can get anyone to listen to him again.
You've gotta give Bush's image makers a round of applause. Normally, an op-ed in the WSJ would be a good way to promote Bush's intelligence, but the man hasn't spoken an intellectual word in 6 years!
did you honestly think that it would be anything but? we have some wiggle room this year- but if we don't force pelosi and reid- and the whole kit and kaboodle- to do something with cheney and bush- we and the rest of the planet are screwed big time. they have been working through the holidays- the devil doesn't celebrate the birth of christ doncha know- and cheney just had his presidential debut at ford's funeral. we have to make a move and castrate cheney before he gains anymore momentum. as for robertson- he gets his news from the drudge report.
did you honestly think that it would be anything but?

Nope, but you know how it is Betmo...always hopeful, but never surprised.

Kathy...but doesn't the WSJ put Bush up on a big platform that just screams, "look at how dumb and arrogant I really am"?
Julien, I'm looking for that total to shrink by another 10% in the first quarter of this year. Bush's numbers are going to "surge" downward.

AZG, my pleasure. (But really, I just didn't have time for a thorough post this morning. So I went for a theme.)
I give Bush credit in that he didn't post threatening notes to their car windows. So, he published his bully threats in the newspaper and he put the rest of us on notice too. That rat!
I do compare Der Fuehrer Bush too Hitler. He already has concentration camps setup ready to be filled.

He also has the power to fill them thanks to the Fascist Republican Nazi's who gave them to him.

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't believe I am.

God Bless.
Bush has made a huge mistake yet again. Pelosi and crew have his number, I suspect.

They KNOW what the election really was a referendum for, and they are going to pass legislation on those very issues...

And Bush will veto it in his partisan-politico way.

And presumeably the republicans will suffer for it.

His veto of the stem-cell bill last year has already pissed off a lot of folks who had hoped for cures - and who otherwise had no real problems with him. Now they too are looking closer at him.

Hold on tight, it's gonna be a bumpy ride, IMNSHO

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