Always Go For the 'Win-Win'

Headline at The Raw Story -

President Bush says Dem approach in Iraq is 'terrorists win and America loses'

Guess that means that Bush would prefer that we go for the 'Win-Win'. After all America loves winners, and with another rubber-stamp Republican congress...well let's see...

- Republicans win
- Big Oil wins
- The military industrial complex wins
- Halliburton wins
- And most importantly...the terrorists win!

In fact, the only loser I see is America. I make that 5 to 1. OK...good enough for me! ;-)

Where Homeless Equals Untouchable

Homeless Man in SF '02Just wanted to call your attention to an article that Tom Harper of Who Hijacked Our Country dug up from MSNBC. Seems that a number of US cities, including Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida, have decided to make feeding the indigent illegal. The assumption being that if you stop feeding them, they'll go away. Lee Rowland, a public advocate for the Nevada ACLU remarked -
It's revoltingly immoral. It literally enforces a class regime by defining criminal behavior based on income.
It probably also bears mentioning that legislating socio-economic status is the basis for caste systems, serfdom, and slavery.


America Loves Porn, Less Thrilled With Bush

Bush vs. PornJust goes to show that in these trying times everybody needs something to fall back on. And what does America love? Porn! Good old fashioned, red-blooded smut. In fact, since the Dear Leader took office the number of porn titles produced has increased 66%, with profits that have increased by 50%.

Bet our President would like to be that popular! Alas, as porn's popularity increases Shrub's decreases, practically in lockstep. Guess the prez could use some help getting his polls up.

(Disclaimer: Information presented in this post should only be used for recreational purposes. Always practice safe stats.)


He's not my representative. He's my bitch!

You probably haven't heard of Daniel Rosen, independent candidate for the House in Nevada's 2nd District, but that's only because his campaign isn't doing very well. If the focus was on what he stands for, then his campaign would be more noteworthy. You see Mr. Rosen wants to be your puppet. He's not running on his platform. He's running on yours and wants to vote any way you tell him to.

Now... I'm not suggesting that 'Adventures in Direct Democracy' are for everyone. But when House members increasingly act without restraint, without accountability to their constituents--when partisans on both sides of the aisle scream for the heads of their opponents--the appeal of your own bitch in the House of Representatives is obvious.

Hell, even though the radical right wants to march us off to convert the heathens--oh and get their oil--just after we round up the gays for deportation, I bet that if each of us were personally responsible for directing our representative more moderate views would prevail. Then we'd really get down to the essence of what America is all about. But there are problems. Three of them to be exact:
  1. Direct democracy takes an informed electorate, and that's exactly what our two major parties don't want because an informed electorate is less susceptible to deceitful campaign advertising.
  2. We haven't got an informed electorate and creating one may take more time than we have for an experiment of this kind.
  3. Though we can solve many of the technical problems of DD, we can't do it without the Internet and hope to make it work. Unfortunately creating DD online risks alienating 10's of millions of voters.
Still...it's delicious to contemplate.


Security Theater - Feeling Safe vs. Being Safe

While the US government forces our allies to jump on the RFID passport bandwagon, making us demonstrably less private and arguably less safe, a graduate student and computer security specialist at Indiana University Bloomington demonstrates the easiest way for bad guys to slip past TSA and onto an aircraft.

Can you guess? He created a program and a website that produces fake boarding passes, identical to the real thing--good enough, in fact, to get you by TSA, though maybe not actually onto an airplane -
I don't want to help terrorists or help bad guys do bad things on airplanes, but what we have now is what we in the industry call 'security theater.' It's made to make you think you're secure without actually making you secure...

Christopher Soghoian
Unfortunately for Mr. Soghoian (and for us) the government has taken a dim view of this demonstration. Representative Edward Markey (D MA), a senior member of the Homeland Security Committee who would rather shoot the messenger than deal with the vulnerability, has called for Soghoian's arrest. And the FBI seems willing to comply, raiding Soghoian's home twice in 48 hours. Oddly though, nobody is calling for the arrest of Senator Charles Schumer (D NY), who suggested this very scenario over a year ago or any of the airline executives whose companies do let you print your boarding passes ahead of time.

Predictably, the homeland security establishment seems more interested in covering their asses by silencing the sane voices of experts than they are in actually making us more safe.

Had enough yet?


Weapons of Mass Distraction

Wired did a short bit recently on great movie weapons, and you know what...with the exception of the Ghostbuster's fusion pack, the list sucked. So I decided to put together my own list: Blognonymous Top 5 WMD's:

Noisy Cricket
The epitome of "big things come in small packages".
Zorg ZF-1
If the US Military had some of these, we'd need 10 soldiers in Iraq instead of 150,000.

Click Me!
The Death Star
When Ronald Reagan talked about "Star Wars" this is really what he had in mind.
The Doomsday Machine
And just in case a Death Star is too sophisticated for you, how this planet pulverizer from Star Trek?
The Genesis Device
And finally we have the weapon that not only destroys your enemies--by turning them into slime-molds--but remakes their planet into a paradise quite suitable for colonization.

Caffeinated Nation - Starbucks Wants 40,000 Stores

Our customers will often say
"Your store's too many feet away..."
And so we build where stores are not
McDonald's of the double-'oughts

And neither can the others flee
We're going to buy them all you see
Seattle's Best and Pasqua's too
We'll soon get Peet's and Caribou

We'll build and buy, and fill in space
To shove our logo in your face
So from our reach there's no escape
You may as well accept your fate
And buy your coffee from our stores
They're in your office...every floor!

Updated 2006/10/28, 2:09 PM PDT

Snave, the limerick-meister, responds!


The Rhetoric of Election Fraud

The Unsinkable Ship of StateGet ready. It's started with Karl Rove but will soon spread to all the administration shills. It will increase in intensity, becoming more and more prevalent the closer we get to November 7th. "What?" you might ask... The rhetoric of election fraud, of course--Republicans laying the groundwork for a narrow electoral escape.

You see, the GOP can't count on the MSM to bail them out as it did when Kerry lost in '04. No sir, the MSM is out for blood. So Republicans are taking a different tack. They're referring "their polling" and "their research" Conservative pundits refer to "their audience" and the Americans they've been talking to, a "shadow America" where values still matter. For example, here's Karl yesterday on NPR:
I see several things. First of all, unlike the general public, I'm allowed to the see the polls on the individual races. And after all, this does come down to individual contests between individual candidates.

And second of all, I see the individual spending reports and contribution reports. For example, at the end of August in 30 of the most competitive races in the country -- the House races -- the Republicans had $33 million cash on hand and the Democrats had just over 14 million (dollars).

Forget that what comes out of King Karl's mouth is bullsh*t. He only needs to deflect the inevitable charges of election fraud, needs to make the victory seem plausible. Remember that as far as the GOP's concerned, there's no fraud if there's no investigation, but it's a dicey strategy because all hell could break loose if evidence of tampering (probably programmed breakdowns of electronic voting machines in key districts) shows up.

It's going to get ugly this time.


Readin', 'ritin', and 'Rithmatic In Bush's World

Before this war is over the US government will have spent at least $600 billion dollars (and that's being charitable since some estimates put the figure at almost a trillion). Money that doesn't exist--well OK it does exist, but only because it's been lent to us by our creditors. That works out to $2,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country.

But what does this mean for us, the taxpayers?

Well for starters, assuming that we'll need...oh say...a hundred years to pay it off at the fairly modest interest rate of 3.5%, then that $2,000 balloons to about $65,000! In other words, $650 per American, per year for the next 100 years! Are you a family of four? Then it's $2,600 a year for a period that may as well be forever. And how does that money figure into the national finances? Debt service, funds sucked out of the treasury before they can be used for anything else. And to make matters worse, much of that money, more than 50% in some cases, was wasted, dumped straight into the coffers of companies like Halliburton.

So every time you pay your taxes, thank Bu$hCo for that $650 surcharge, remember to multiply for each member of your family, and then ponder all the good things that money won't be doing. Call it the Bu$hCo Special Democratization Tax.

Have we had enough yet?!

Biometrics Before Beer

The UK is preparing to roll out mandatory fingerprinting of pub patrons in an effort to nab trouble-makers and control alcohol related violence. Wait a second--WTF did I just write? The Brits are actually gonna make you swipe your finger before you get served and supposedly, if you're on some kind of blacklist, they just...what...refuse to serve you? Call in the police to cart you away?

Sweet mother of George Orwell! What can they be thinking? I doesn't occur to these paternalistic loons that blacklisting offenders might simply force them to head to other towns? Or worse, force them to stay home where they can drink all they want and then beat up on their spouse, their kids, the dog?! I knew that the whole surveillance thing was getting out of hand in Britain, but this...

In related news, people are starting to get nervous about a fingerprint-controlled future where slicing off your digits might be the easiest way for a criminal to get what they're after.


"As the Iraqis stand up, I will stand down."

Baghdad (f-A-ke. P.) -

General George Casey, US military commander in Iraq, said today that Iraqi security forces would be able to take over responsibility for securing the country in 26 months, 23 days, 18 hours, 40 minutes, and 12 seconds. When it was pointed out that his estimate would coincide with the exact moment when President George W. Bush is destined to leave office, General Casey replied, "It does? Well isn't that a strange coincidence."

Kvatch Konsiders - 'Cut and Run' or 'Hold and Pump'

Despite what Democrats say this election season, even if they take control of Congress on November 7th, they won't end the Iraq War and bring our troops home. They can't because Bu$hCo has no intention of letting them.

I mean...why does the administration so doggedly stick to the mission in Iraq? Oh sure Bush may consult with the generals from time to time, but that doesn't mean that they're going to change strategy. Rummy, despite all his bungling, is still the Secretary of Defense, right? And let's face it, Bush is about as interested in democratizing Iraq as he is in reading Clinton's biography. And what about stopping the horrific sectarian violence? Nope. Again...no interest. In fact, the Iraqi bloodbath serves Bu$hCo's purpose by keeping the attention of the press and of the public away from the real reason we're there: To secure Iraq's oil. Moreover, when a country's population becomes mobile as it has in Iraq, the US gets an opportunity to shift local allies to areas where the real work, pumping and processing, goes on.

So in the end calling Bu$hCo's strategy 'Stay the Course' is really a misnomer. What it really should be called is 'Hold and Pump', and this is exactly the rhetoric that we're now hearing from the administration: Forget democracy, just keep things from getting out of hand.


More Political Ads Like This Please

Pay Your Taxes, Get Sued, Then Pay The Royalties

So let me start by saying that I don't think much of business process patents--bunch of hooey designed to help lawyers to make more money from their corporate clients. But now a new kind of BPP, the tax strategy patent, endangers your ability pay Uncle Sam what you owe him.

Imagine...you want to take advantage of a new tax rule. So you go to your financial advisor and ask her/him about it. The first thing you find is that your advisor has doubled her/his rate to cover the cost of doing patent investigations. Next, after you pay your taxes, you get a friendly missive from the law firm of Dewey, Cheatim, and Howe informing you that you're in violation of their client's patent. But do they want to sue you? Not at all. What they really want is for you to pay a royalty for access to the patent...say...50% of what you saved on your taxes. In fact, in an extreme example, just exercising the tax rule with no methodology could get you in trouble. Remember that, despite being reviewed by the US Patent Office, tons of spurious business processes and dubious inventions are patented every day, and unless they're challenged lawyers will do whatever they can to make money from them.

The only way to stop this nonsense is to do away with the notion of business process patents, and we need to do it soon before some enterprising corporation gets it in their head to patent the notion of paying your taxes in the first place: "Sir, we'll just take that refund of yours as the royalty for using our 'paying your taxes on time' process."


Old Dirty Tricks Are The Best Dirty Tricks

A compendium of lies, slander, and election shenanigans:

An ad by the Republican National Committee (RNC) in support of Senator Mike DeWine (R OH) falsely accused DeWine's Democratic opponent, Sherwood Brown, of tax delinquency. Even after it was demonstrated that the "delinquent" bill was paid in 1994, 4 months after being filed, the RNC refused to pull the ad.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is running an ad in NY-24 that accuses the Democratic candidate, Michael Arcuri, of billing taxpayers for calls to a phone sex line. Though both candidates repudiate the ad, the NRCC has refused remove it from the airwaves even after it was demonstrated that the call was a mistake (a dialing error on similar numbers).

The campaign of Tan Nyugen, a Republican running for the House in California's 47th district, was nabbed as the source for a letter mailed to Hispanics threatening them with arrest for voting in the upcoming election. Despite being called upon to end his candidacy--by his own party--Mr. Nyugen plans to stay in the race.

And finally...a pitiful example of desperation. Republican gubernatorial candidate (and current Ohio Sec. of State) Kenneth Blackwell--a man so ethically impaired that he sees no conflict of interest in disenfranchising the very citizens who might vote for or against him--has resorted to slander in order to try and save his dismal campaign. Having already accused his opponent of supporting NAMBLA, Blackwell then achieved a new low by accusing Ted Strickland's campaign of hiring pedophiles--turns out the man in question had criminal record for exposing himself to a minor but that the Strickland campaign didn't know it at the time.

When combined with the non-stop din of conservative pundits wailing about the end of the world as we know it, Republican desperation starts to stink like stale sweat. Their end is near.


Tearjerkers From The flyPod

I have two "music barometers," reactions that tell me that a piece of music is a keeper. The first is goosebumps. The second is tears, and there's a whole stable of songs, pieces, movements that are guaranteed to open the floodgates. Here are some:

Altan - "Dobbin's Flowery Vale", Harvest Storm

This is a traditional Irish folk song usually played on the fiddle. Altan rendered it on the flute and that makes all the difference.

This Mortal Coil - "Ivy and Neet", Filigree & Shadow

4AD had a very strange stable of artists back in its day, but the compilation albums, released under the name This Mortal Coil, came up with some truly breathtaking music.

Loreena McKennitt - "The Mummer's Dance", The Book of Secrets

It's not that this song, arguably McKennitt's most popular, is so sad. It's that this was playing when I heard that my only grandmother, the last of her generation in my family, had died.

Crowded House - "Fingers of Love", Together Alone

For me, two Crowded House songs are guaranteed weepers. "Don't Dream It's Over," is too easy. So "Fingers of Love" gets the nod.

And when it comes to classical, the list is endless. So I'll just mention one: The 3rd Movement of Brahms 3rd Symphony marks the moment when I diverged from my parents (opera lovers) into a lifelong affair with instrumental music, and I still can't here it without tears.

So tell me...what music brings on the tears for you?


Rumsfeld Says, "I hear voices."

God Whispers In Rummy's EarOK, it really was one of Rumsfeld's generals, and what the guy really said was that Rumsfeld is inspired by the Dev--I mean--by God. Nontheless, this has got to be the scariest notion I've had to grok all week.

Lighter Friday Fare

It's Friday afternoon, and that means that seriousness is right out.

Mr_Blog, who keeps this frog apprised of all of North Korea's bombs, has the scoop on that country's entry into the designer nukuler weapons market.

And friends...are you tired of constantly swimming upstream--politically that is? Well then Mike of String Cheese Theory has the answer with this handy Become a Republican kit.

Check 'em out!

Kvatch Kvetches - It's Not Easy Being Female

You've got the rules (laws, whatever...), and then you've got the rules that are just for the female of our species -

No Sluts At Our Jail
No sleeveless dresses or blouses. Revealing tops are out. Bras are a must. So say officials at the Vanderburgh County (Indiana) Jail. No enticing those prisoners, damnit! Don't follow the rules, and we'll make you come back in a burkha! No pretty girls either. But Mr. Jailer, sir? What about the rules for male visitors? How about no 'muscle' shirts or ripped jeans, shorts, spandex, or tank-tops? What? You say don't have gay prisoners, and women don't care? Are you loony?

The Egg Says: You Need To Look Your Best
I've heard the stories: The ovum, with it's crooked, taloned claws, grabs on to the fallopian tube and then has to be dragged down to the uterus kicking, screaming, and fighting. So in what twisted universe would this torturous drama be an occasion for 'looking one's best'? Just saying.

Before You're 40: Learn To Run...Really Fast
And finally, the Frogette turns us on to a ditzy article in the November Marie Claire (sorry no link), advising women of all the ways in which they should indulge themselves before they turn 40. These include: Buy a $78,000 car (a Cadillac), a $4,000 watch (Cartier), matching luggage (which happens to cost $3,400), and on, and on. What they don't bother with is advice on how avoid bill collectors...for the rest of your life.


The Mouth of Sauron (R PA)

Santorum started this with his bonehead Lord of the Rings comparison. I'm just taking it to it's logical conclusion.

Coincidence? I don't think so!

Blame D.K. Raed. It's his fault for getting me thinking along these lines. :-)

The Breathtaking Stupidity of The GOP

I don't normally reference YouTube vidoes, but this time I really must. In this segment from Countdown with Keith Olbermann, former Attorney General Ashcroft asserts that Bush can and should be trusted not to abuse the unprecedented authority he's obtained through Military Commissions Act of 2006.

But what Ashcroft, and indeed the entire GOP, conveniently ignore is the fact that Americans must now trust every succeeding President with unconstitutional authority. If fact, even if The Deciderer imprisons no one, tortures no one, some unscrupulous latter day President will.

In order to make their President look tough in the short term, congressional Republicans and fellow travelers like Ashcroft have acted as the mid-wife for tyranny in the United States.


Santorum Diagnosed With Metaphor Malaise

Philadelphia (f-A-ke. P.) -

Senator Rick Santorum (R PA) has admitted that he suffers from Metaphor Malaise and has promised to enter rehab just as soon as he is reelected by the people of Pennsylvania.

His affliction became apparent when, in a recent interview, he compared the War on Terror to J.R.R. Tolkien's popular Lord of the Rings series, saying -
As the hobbits are going up Mount Doom, the Eye of Mordor is being drawn somewhere else. It's being drawn to Iraq and it's not being drawn to the U.S. You know what? I want to keep it on Iraq. I don't want the Eye to come back here to the United States.
The Senator then went on to compare George Bush and Osama bin Laden to Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

Other famous politicians afflicted with this pernicious syndrome include Ronald Reagan ("Shining city on a hill") and George H. W. Bush ("1000 points of light"). Metaphor Malaise has no completely effective treatment.

Thanks to Gary @ Declarations of Pride for turning me on to this one.

Democrats - The First 100 Minutes

So we've got Nancy Pelosi's plan for the first 100 hours of a Democratic House, and it's full of laudable stuff that is the very meat of leftist policy-making. But here's the thing: If Democrats really want to send a message that they're going to take this country in a new direction there is one thing that they can do--that they absolutely should do--in the first 100 minutes -

Revoke the blanket September 14th, 2001 Joint Resolution Authorizing the Use of Force against terrorists and terrorist supporters.

This ill-considered, incautious, inadvisable, misused piece of legislation has been cited by Bu$hCo for every Constitution busting measure that's followed, from the Patriot Act to Military Commissions. The President has used it to justify treaty abrogation, circumventing FISA, warrantless surveillance, and indefinite detention.

It's time for this resolution to go, and Democrats can use its repleal to cut the f*cking foundation out from under the administration! It may not get by the Senate, but at least it would state in no uncertain terms that one branch of Congress will not stand for further Bu$hCo tyranny.


Bush Signs His Own Pardon

Bush Signs His Own Pardon

Nancy Pelosi, The New Bill Clinton

Pelosi - New GOP BogeymanJames @ Genius of Insanity recently posed the question: Why does Bush appear so relaxed, so confident in the face of almost certain disaster? Well, setting aside the fact that Diebold may snatch victory from the chads of defeat on behalf of the GOP, consider this...

Republicans are really in need of a new bogeyman. Though Bill Clinton has filled that role admirably since he left office, the electorate no longer listens to GOP protestations that everything from global warming to Paris Hilton's CD is Bubba's fault. But if the Democrats actually manage to secure the House in November, the GOP will come down on the new Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D CA), like an avenging angel, and that's why Bush continues to smile. He knows that Pelosi won't move to impeach him. She promised that back in May. The GOP knows that they can immediately blame Democrats for congressional inaction because Pelosi is the perfect target: She's a woman (and therefore an acceptable Hillary substitute); she's a liberal; and she represents the district that Republicans love to hate, the City of San Francisco.

Bush doesn't need a plan or even a pl--. He'll have Pelosi and will try to coast till 2008.


Lynne Stewart Likely To Get 'Life' Today

For publicly releasing a statement of her client, the imprisoned sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, in violation of the government's 'special administrative measures', attorney Lynne Stewart will likely receive a 30 year sentence today--essentially life imprisonment for a 67 year old woman who's already survived one bout with breast cancer. And...if the judge comes down particularly harshly, she'll spend her remaining years in the kind of solitary confinement that is reserved for violent terrorists like her client.

Though there is no doubt that Ms. Stewart broke the law, everything about the Bu$hCo's prosecution of this case--from John Ashcroft's ludicrous characterization of Stewart's conviction as a 'major counter-terrorism achievement' to the inflammatory rhetoric employed by the DoJ attorneys at her sentencing hearing--smacks of base political theatre. Moreover, what justifies requesting 30 years for a woman who is obviously not violent, in ill health, and at the end of her career? How about a not-so-subtle notice to defense attorneys that representing the 'enemies of the state' is likely to get you locked away...forever.

Let's hope the sentencing judge acts with greater compassion and maturity than we've come to expect from the administration of The Deciderer.

UPDATED 2006/10/16, 3:00 pm PDT

Showing commendable restraint, U.S. District Judge John G. Koeltl sentenced Lynne Stewart to 28 months and left her free on bail pending her upcoming appeal. During the sentencing he cited her three decades of service to poor, disadvantaged and unpopular clients.



As I write this, we (the United States) are about 11,200 people away from hitting the 300 million mark. Interestingly, among all the doom and gloom articles that I've read about this event, there are some, like this article in the San Jose Mercury News that present population growth as a good thing. I don't agree. I'm old enough to remember when the population of our nation hit 200,000,000...barely, and the differences between then, 1967, and now are profound and disturbing.

Even if we accept, as the San Jose Mercury News suggests, that oil, coal, natural gas, and uranium are abundant enough to keep us well supplied through the next century, consuming 1/5 of all the world's energy resources is not a good thing. Doubling the amount of highway capacity, as we will have to do to accommodate the next 100M people, traveling further to their jobs, is not a good thing. 12 lanes of Interstate 75 through the center of Atlanta (I just returned from a vacation in the South) is not a good thing. Endless processions of big-rig traffic on every Interstate, US highway, state road, and municipal street is not a good thing. More cars than drivers in the US, is not a good thing. 4-car garages are not a good thing. Being unable, as a practical matter, to escape the presence of humanity is not a good thing, and the impact of that on the environment cannot be understated. Reaching the tipping point of global climate change is not a go--no strike that--it's a very, Very, VERY bad thing, and another 100M isn't going to help.

The United States needs to work to stabilize it's population so that future generations--our descendants, immigrants, whoever--can enjoy lives as rich as the one's we enjoy. It's not enough to merely throw up our hands and say, "We have enough resources for the present. So what does it matter how much we use now?" Why divide the pie 400 million ways?

Kvatch Kvestions - TSA's Notion of Dangerous

So I'm back from vacation, and on yesterday's flight home it occurs to me that TSA is a totally reactionary organization that really has no idea of what constitutes danger on an airplane.

Let's recap: Edged tools of all kinds--from knives to box cutters, razor blades (even prepackaged ones), eating utensils, and even the little screwdrivers that you'd use on your eye glasses--are right out. Your shoes are being scanned. Liquids--from lip balm, to cosmetics, to water--are being confiscated. But apparently 12", pointed, steel knitting needles are not a problem. Either that or the woman in the seat in front of mine knew somebody at the TSA checkpoint.

Guess TSA is waiting for the day when grandma jabs those needles into a flight attendant's neck as she lunges for the cockpit door!


Denny, Denny, Fat and Phlegmy

Denny, Denny, fat and phlegmy
How can your House lead grow?
"Through ballot fraud, that Coulter broad,
Our contributions will not slow."

Denny Hastert, oh wise master,
Will we defeat the Dems?
"We can swift-boat and cut their throats,
And label Mark Foley a femme!"

But Denny how, will you fight now
That l'bruls have your balls?

"I'll tell the lies, with plaintive cries,
And squirm all through the fall."

Thanks to Shelly @ The Left Is Right for the inspiration.

Updated 2006/10/12, 12:49 pm EDT

The Station Agent and Snave respond with verse!

Kvatch Konsiders - If Dear Leader Tests A Nuke...

...does it really explode?

I mean...what have we got here? A press release from the People's Propaganda Bureau; a report of a small seismic event picked up in South Korea; blustery condemnations from every world leader who can open his/her pie-hole.

I believe that Kim Jong Il is sitting in his palace thinking, "They love me! They really love me!" Bush is thinking, "Finally! Something to take Mark Foley out of the headlines." And the US Geologic Survey is thinking, "Bomb? What bomb?"

This just in...



Heartland Hypocrisy

Evangelicals are making themselves heard: The Foley scandal doesn't mean that they're going to stay home or...god forbid...switch parties for the midterm election. No indeed, they're going to hold their noses and vote for the party of endemic corruption because the GOP still represents their values.

Does it bother conservative Christians that the House leadership covered up Foley's behavior for as much as two years and are possibly even criminally liable for their conduct? Apparently not -
He [Foley] tried to keep it quiet from his family and his voters. He is responsible for what he did. He is paying a price for what he did. I am not sure how much farther it needs to go.

Ron Gwaltney, Norfolk Virginia
Interestingly the evangelical focus on personal morality rather than collective responsibility isn't a position that they're willing to extend beyond their own party. We can all remember the bitter condemnation that was heaped on Democrats for daring to defend former President Clinton's excesses.

So, in the end, we discover that hypocrisy is alive and well. It's living in the heartland, and it's exactly the same kind of "...he may be corrupt, but at least he's from our party" hypocrisy that conservative pundits have been tarring liberals with for years. Guess we really are all more alike that we'd care to admit.



You have reached Blognonymous. I'm sorry, but no one is available to do any blogging right now.

We want you to know that your clicks are very important to us (even if you're from Faux News). So please leave your comment after the tone, and Kvatch will get back to you just as soon as possible (Sunday).


Fox News - A Lying Bu$hCo Tool

HT to Pam and Chuck for catching this and to The Brad Blog for the vid capture.

The Five Stages of Republican Grief

As we watch the GOP disintegrate over the Foley scandal, we clearly see the five stages of Republican grief:

Denial -- Don't blame us. We didn't know.
Victimization -- OK we did know, but Foley lied to us.
Minimization -- What's the big deal? It was just a few naughty emails?
Deflection -- Oh yeah...you should talk. Clinton got a blowjob!
Redirection -- It's all an election year plot by the Democrats!

Parade of Traitors

So you thought the Patriot Act was bad. Well your senators and representatives just gave away the show! S.3930, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 is a Constitution busting nightmare that places the President above our country's founding document. The Senators who voted for it are traitors, and we're here to shine the light on them.Please help us expose all 65 senatorial traitors, and if you have a post let us know (comments or email) so we can include a link.

Updated 2006/10/04, 8:50a PDT

A lot of great bloggers have been doing a lot of great posting on this travesty, and I thought that I should list them here:And finally, The Station Agent takes a suggestion from Sewmouse to heart and publically thanks Rep. Kucinich for coming strongly against this bill--something we should all be doing!


Senator George Allen (R VA) Is A Traitor

Of all the Senators on the wrong side of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 none is less surprising than George Allen of Virginia, a man who once said of Chuck Robb, the Democrat he defeated in 2000, "Virginians don't need a senator who votes Bill Clinton 85 percent of the time..." Well Allen votes George W. Bush 100% of the time, and this time his President has led him right over the cliff.

You see, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 isn't just any bill. It expressly does away with Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution (Habeas Corpus), the 5th, and 6th Amendments. It is an violation of a senator's oath of office, which reads as follows:
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.
...and Allen's 'yea' vote makes him an enemy of the Constitution. Thus, he's a traitor for having betrayed his state and his country.

But are we surprised? In a word, "No!" Because even setting aside all his youthful indiscretions, Allen is still a scum. The man endorsed Oliver North for the US Senate (you know...a felon is OK, just as long as it's a Republican felon). Allen remained silent while his campaign officials impugned his gubernatorial opponent for being a woman and for being single. He's opposed celebrating Martin Luther King Day for as long as he's been in office and endorses revisionist views of the Civil War and southern heritage that make no mention of slavery. In short, he's exactly the sort who would blindly follow his president in establishing tyranny.


Tyrants of a Feather

Another break in Blognonymous' ongoing 'Parade of Traitors' series...

Spiffy uniform aside, anyone want to guess the difference between these two men?

Well, they both have (had) the power to make you disappear for rest of your life, beyond assistance from your family, your lawyer, or the courts. The man the right though, likes secret prisons. The man on the left preferred to drop people into the Pacific Ocean.

Senator Norm Coleman (R MN) Is A Traitor

Let's start with the basics: Norm Coleman is opportunist who uses whatever means are available to get ahead. As a moderate Democrat mayor of St. Paul in 1996, he saw the way the political winds were blowing and switched parties. He's a philanderer with chicklet teeth and televangelist hair. And, let's face it, Coleman wouldn't even be Minnesota's junior senator if it weren't for the tragic death, 11 days before the election, of former Senator Paul Wellstone, perhaps the only true populist of his generation. Trailing Wellstone by 9 percentage points when the Senator's plane crashed in northern Minnesota, Coleman ended a relentlessly negative campaign on the spot and played the sympathy suit while the Democrats consumed themselves with grief and missteps.

Norm Coleman is a nothing whom Minnesotans should be ashamed of--doubly so now that he's also a traitor! Coleman's Oath of Office reads as follows:
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.
Norm Coleman made himself an enemy of the Constitution when he voted with the majority on S.3930, a bill that places the President above our founding document and makes him accountable to no one. So by extension, Coleman is an enemy of the United States. He has betrayed his state and his country. He is a traitor.


Do all Democrats look alike as they get older?

While taking a short break from our 'Parade of Traitors', Blognonymous poses the question: What is it about Democrats that, as soon as they leave the presidency, they all start to look alike?

Is it that shockingly white hair? That look of smug self-satisfaction?

Or perhaps it just a perception--the fact that they don't go into hiding after their presidency is over like Nixon (a crook), Reagan (a senile fool), or Bush Sr. (so boring you're glad he didn't stay on the world stage).