"No beta for you!"

Spoke too soon. There will be no beta for Blognonymous. The frog has not been invited. Is Blognonymous too big? Kvatch's template...too complex? Who knows.


I think you are lucky not to go with it until we know it is a good operating system. There was a time for about a week that I couldn't leave a comment on your site. Then the trouble stopped.
I'm hoping to be last. Let them get the bugs out of it first.
Well Peacechick it's not like I didn't try.

Seems that before you get to attempt the transition, you need an invite (something on your Blogger dashboard that says that Beta is ready for you). But Blogger is warning everyone that they're not only going to be 'invited'...pretty soon transitioning will be mandatory.

As for commenting, I'm having trouble on Beta blogs. I just use "other", type "Kvatch" and add Blognonymous' URL--no gravitar or link to my profile, but it works.
Consider yourself lucky. I'm hearing bad things about blogger beta but maybe they'll turn it around...

I'm personally happy I left blogger behind.
I have had the "invite" on my dashboard for a few weeks. I too, tried it last night. I was told that my blog couldn't be converted at this time, possibly due to it's size.

I'm somewhat releived. . .
I love Beta Blogger and have had the best time playing with it. I found it simple to understand, easy to play with and redesign to my heart's content. If you need help just ask or go to my Hackzone and someone there will have done what you wanted. The hard part is over.

Besides, it's free.
I started a beta blogger blog and fooled with it for about a week. It's no fun trying to recreate a customized template there, let me tell you. You basically have the standard templates that are already available to you, and can modify them. That's it. It's a pain in the ass. Not to mention I've had numerous bad experiences with the commenting system for Beta.
I've been invited, but will only switch when forced too. How do I save my Template and how often should I?

God Bless.
PoliShifter, Fred...I was very unimpressed with the new template functionality. Deb I know that you're enjoying it, but I've done a lot of XML/HTML work on mine and am very concerned that the "backward-compatibility" functionality that Blogger is currently allowing will go away, leaving me up a creek.
John, I'll probably hold on now until they drag my kicking and screaming to the new Blogger.

AnonP, I keep my template on my home computer as an XML file and paste it in to Blogger's window whenever I want to change it. Of course, I have an industrial strength XML editor (tool of the trade, I'm afraid) that makes edits much easier.
I'm so glad you didn't switch Froggy. Now I can keep leaving comments on your site.

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