New Blogger vs. Blogger Classic

Blogger ClassicWhat is New Blogger? Is it just a cynical attempt to introduce Google into the famous Blogger recipe without changing the taste? Will we complain so bitterly that they'll be forced to resurrect Blogger Classic, lest we reject them and move to Typepad. Or perhaps this is just a power grab, a play for greater market share and shelf space. Who knows? But tonight Blognonymous will find out.

Pray for the frog. Pray for this blog. Indeed...pray for us all.


Froggy has big ones. . .I'm still afraid!! ;) Blogger beta made me sign in with a new name, and it lists me as having no blogs. . .all is fine under the regular Blogger account.
Yes, we all should hope that New Blogger is as good as beta blogger. Good luck with that.
Is this the same as Beta? I switched to Beta and had no problems (knock on wood) but I know lots of people who did.

New blogger can be compared to a new Microsoft application whose only raison d'etre seems to be that it requires an OS upgrade, or a new OS that requires all your applications be updated. It offers new bells and whistles to those who never had any intention of ringing bells or blowing whistles. Ding ding, toot toot, who gives a crap? Then you get six to ten months of 'service packs' to fix the bugs in the new software, usually having replaced the old software just at the point it was becoming stable. But that's another rant.

The worst aspect of the new blogger, as far as I can tell, is the totally user-unfriendly comment interface, with three or four levels of security - encryption, self-identification requirement, and then word verification. After jumping through all the hoops you find out that only those with beta accounts can comment at all on beta. The google help groups indicate that everyone knows about this except google/blogger, who refuse to acknowledge the problem because that would mean at least appearing to deal with it.

A blogger who has been forced into the beta world could theoretically install third-party commenting such as Haloscan - in much the same fashion that one could theoretically build a jumbo jet out of a collection of aluminum gum wrappers.

In theory, theory and practice are the same thing. In practice, they are very different.
I don't pray, but I will send good thoughts your way. Am I allowed to say Google sucks?
I'm trying to figure out why everyone has so many problems commenting on Beta. I go back and forth all the time.

Not that I'm doing something the others aren't but it's sure odd.

Can't get beta - both blogs are "teams".

All...indeed that's what I'm referring to Blogger Beta. Hopefully it will go well.

Pam not only do I have my complete template offsite, my entire blog is backed up seperate from the ISP that hosts it. (I capture a snapshot weekly.)

Granny, yeah not sure how going to Beta for Blognonymous is going affect Kommandos Project. Guess we'll have to see.

SbT, I've gotten the same feeling about this upgrade, but I'm getting sick of not being able to comment on other blogs without going in as "other".
I switched to beta blogger about a week or so ago. Haven't had any problems thus far. I am on a team blog at State of the Day and sometimes it has troubling connecting because it is still in the old blogger. If you have Kommando Project and Blognonymous on the same account it shouldn't be a problem (tho any team members will have to upgrade in order to post there).

I would also recommend making a temporary account in beta and testing out your template before making the final switch. Good luck.

I know what you mean about signing in as other. I do not have trouble on some of beta blogger sites and log in under my usual login.

On another note I work with someone who sent me a link to the website about the game we commented on and read the owners responce to what you posted about it.

I don't know if what he put out is true or not, but my coworker says the game isn't as its being portrayed. Just to let you know.

God Bless.
Me thinks the venerable Frog has consumed too many pollution laden flies!:)
I am totally unable to comment on some Beta sights, others I can comment only annonymously.

So, this may be the end for me here at Blognonymous. If anyone knows what I can do to comment on Beta sites, I'd appreciate it.
Here's the deal. You need to create a profile in blogger beta so that you can comment on beta sites - which means you need a google/gmail account. However, this does not require that you convert your existing old blogger blog to beta. Now I have to identical profiles, one original and one beta - so I can comment on either old or new coke sites.
Well, as most of you now know, the transition didn't work. Seems I haven't been 'invited'. But hey at least I took the Xsociate's suggestion and tried my template in Beta--works OK...not great.

Guess I'm now waiting for the Blogger "This is not a drill people! Go! GO! GO!!!"

So Praguetwin...you're safe for the moment. :-)
Hey AnonP, can you send me a link to the blog you're talking about? I'd be interested in how they defended that game. Thanks.
I haven't figured out what the beta was all about either...
I'm not sure switching to beta was worth the trouble. I had issues signing into non-beta, but they have found a workaround for that.
The concept of backward compatibility has really been left way behind us.

I'll post it next week sometime as its on a work email. I'll forward it to my email and copy\paste it here on one of your new posts.

God Bless all.
Windspike, you've got me. I would have been happy with only minor tweaks to the functionality and more work on reliability.

Cartlede, yes the backward compatibility thing, especially for the templates (all those new tags) is going to make my life a major pain when I'm forced to switch.

AnonP, thanks. Very interested to see the defense.
The way the beta has gone they're going to have to drag me kicking and screaming - and then I'll load Joomla! onto my website and just leave.
Some good news. Haloscan is promising official support for beta 'in a few days.' Meanwhile, I can suddenly comment as myself on beta as long as I am signed in to my regular blogger account, and signed out of my google account (which I use to allow a customized google home page.) I think the fact that I had a google account was the source of a lot of my troubles. I also believe that having that account is why I was invited to switch to beta.(much like a kidnapper invites you into the trunk of his car.)
BTW, I don't want to sound like a testimonial or anything, but I really do like haloscan commenting. The site owner can ban trolls or comment spammers by IP address, meaning the guys you want don't have to jump through word verification hoops. Support for smileys and gravatars are appreciated by a lot of people, too.

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