Blognonymous Says Happy Holidaze!

Bush DancesJust a little holiday cheer from Blognonymous.

Click the picture or this link and hope it still works. I'm sure I'm violating some policy or another on this site.

(And then go thank Mags at You Forgot Poland!)


Hey, that looks about right!
Great. Now I feel sick.


Just kiddin', Frog! Niiice... {-;
Heck of a way to start my day, Froggie.

Now I'm going to make you listen to the barking dogs sing jingle bells :)
Make him tap-dance, Froggie!
Make him tap-dance!
Yikes! Hard to forget that visual.........
Mary, I like the "duh!" expression.

Michael, I live to make you queasy in the morning.

PoP, I'll be right over, but I'm gonna be expecting canine caroling!

Sewmouse, I wish!

Gracie...and there were so many possible choices. Honestly, last year, I would have chosen O'Reilly.
Bein' Santa's hard work, you know!
Happy holidays frogman. You know I respect you and like you a great deal. But...


Hope things are going well for you out there in "well, you know the San Francisco type" holiday. Have fun.
Mags, not only is it hard work, but it probably violates Office Max's Terms of Use! ;-)

Station Agent...you are so going to regret this!

Peacechick...thanks! Myself, I'm preparing to head for West Texas for the holidays. Gonna celebrate the parent's 50th anniversary, place some Kommandos around town... You know, all the usual holiday hoo-haa.
You're... not Your.

Not only am I going to get it, but I'm illiterate.
Man. . .that was rather disturbing. Yet enjoyable. I think I need help. . .
For teh first time ever I found myself having urges of doing very naughty things to the little dancing elf...
ies backing over him with my car...kicking him in his little nuts...OMG...what is wrong with me...

anyways thanks for the distrubing video...
John, E4E...when I saw that 'Elf yourself' thing over at Mags site, I just couldn't resist. I even sent a smirking Cheney elf to Mags. I'm a bad, BAD frog!
enigma4ever, I'm sure some enterprising elf in Santa's workshop could arrange for some kind of accident with some large power tool... or if Santa's shop doesn't use power tools, a large mallet might work just as well.

In another 50 years, if this elf is still with us, there may be plenty of thick brush for him to clear year around along the nice, temperate shores of the Arctic Ocean.
Oh baby. Nobody gives Christmas cheer like you do.... Thanks.
Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy, you're a bad froggy. I loved it, and yes, it still works.

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