With Regard To Bipartisanship


No No Spit that out. It's empty and it'll give you frog gas. Plus, it's nasty and tastes bitter.

Yep, guess now we will all be poor due to higher taxes and we're all going to be killed by terrorists. But for today, you cannot get this smile off my face.
He'll only work on things that matter because he is forced to... These clowns are going to need rehab if Democrats take the Senate! I mean "rehab" for those that aren't already in rehab!
But for today, you cannot get this smile off my face.

Me neither!!! I may yet be proven right about the Senate, but either way I'm very glad that McCaskill beat Talent in Missouri. That was a tasty win.

TPM, I think that we're gonna see a bunch 'o presidential vetoes. Ironic huh?
I am off on a values destroying rampage. Think I will start at the Dollar Store, they say they have some great values there!

I was overjoyed to see that stuffed, no Talent Mummy get beaten by the Cloning Queen. That was the sweetest victory of all and we can thank Rush Limbaugh!!!! Rush, thanks for making it alright for me to gobble up OxyContin AND blastocysts!
I ain't got long, as I have some terrorists coming over for lunch to help me fix my family values gun so I can destroy them.

It's hard to do with both index fingers raised high in the air!

The very worst thing we can ever do, is "bipartisanship." We give, exactly what we got - PLUS!

But first, I gotta call my Doctor. I don't think this much sugar is good for me!
Karena...I'm with you. Time for a few values-destroying sorties!

TFWY, let's see how the Senate goes before we go to war. I'm so hoping that my prediction from last week was wrong.

You know where I want to start...Election-f*cking-reform!!
love your frog's choice of food...just hope he doesn't get indigestion...smile

and i agreee - but i take it one step further...not only eleciton reform but a wholesale cleaning of DC.....
You got the right idea, Kvatch. Use their own words back at them:

"Elections have consequences."

Sho 'nuff ~~ D.K.
AZG, PoP expressed a similar sentiment, but you know we frogs have strong stomachs--love insects of all kinds. Especially ugly, slimey ones named Bush. ;-)

D.K., Bush is all reconcilliation now that he's been placed in the hurt locker. I want to see him sweat some more.
There is no bigger state of denial than the one propped up by the W of the W,Rove and co. Any one taking bets as to how long it takes before Rummy get's his scapegoated head chopped off to save the sorry lot of them?
I'm a bit pissed that they even took the bastard's phone call...
I hope he has to eat those words and a few other nasty things before we are done with him. I am not going to be a nice little girl when it comes to stopping this stupid war and torture and ....
WS... 2 months. Rumsfeld's the easiest. Cheney would be harder.

Neil, Peacechick, I would have loved to have heard what was actually said!

Bush: "Representative Pelosi... I just wanted to congrat--"
Pelosi "Save it old man. The homes and I are gonna get medieval on yo' ass!"
Sorry to hear Arnold was reelected, but witnessing the Democrat revolution and hearing Rumseld is being ousted must make it easier to swallow.
My goodness, Windspike...
I didn't even get to read your response before it happened!!!

What could possibly happen to make this day any better?
So now the work begins! Time to clean up this mess. Time to roll up ous sleeves and:

1. Get to work on making the changes necessary to fix what BushCo broke the last six years.


2. Time to bitch-slap the bad guys and send them packing.

Mike @
String Cheese Theory
Yow Kathy, AZG...so much for my predictions. I was expecting Bush to resist. Just goes to show that I don't know sh*t!

Mike, right you are. We need some solid proposals and plans of attack.
Bipartisanship: I'll hug your Elephant if you kiss my Ass.

So, yes, now it is time to go out and have sex with goats in the streets, marry our neighbors' pets, marry their children, make fetuses illegal, send Christians to internment camps, ban Christmas, make churches illegal, try God for war crimes, legally mandate political correctness, burn flags for fuel, take "God" out of the pledge of allegiance, make the Ten Commandments illegal, redistribute wealth, institute socialist health care, shut down the military, and raise taxes by about 50% so we can give all that money to lazy people who don't deserve it.

Whoops! Well, it won't be quite like that. The above sarcastic mini-rant is what a leftist version of Anne Coulter might sound like.

But I think it will be good to see what happens in DC during the next two years. The GOP has been taken out behind the woodshed and given a sound beating, not by the Democratic party, but by America! How d'ya like THEM apples??

And now we all get to tell Rummy not to let the door hit him on the ass on his way out. Finally. I guess W's not "staying the course" on that one. Looks like he just realized things ain't the same anymore.

Sothis--happily destroying American values, one vote at a time
Yeah...we still have to swallow the Austrian stuedel and schnitzel...but I'm happy about all the other wins.
Sorry, but I tend to agree with Hill Country Gal:

They can all BITE ME!! Which is exactly what Pelosi should have said when ol Georgie boy invited her to lunch.

But now it appears that Rummy is getting skewered to show Bu$h's good faith effort. Of course, it's just another lie. It was mere days ago that he promised that old rummy was "staying the course". Just more proof that you can't believe a single word that viper says!
Whoops! Well, it won't be quite like that.

What? It won't? You mean the world hasn't come to an end? Stop!

Sothis, me too! In fact I think that I'm going to go out and clone myself right now!

Pam, you obvously didn't see my comment from above:

Bush: "Representative Pelosi... I just wanted to congrat--"
Pelosi "Save it old man. The homies and I are gonna get medieval on yo' ass!"

Sumo, oh well. Can't get everything we want, huy?
You know where I want to start...Election-f*cking-reform!!


The next person to show any empirical evidence what-so-ever that Wealth has any practical equivalancy to Speech, will be the first.

Campaign Finance Reform Now!

Bipartisanship: I'll hug your Elephant if you kiss my Ass.

And vice-a-versa if that's what it takes, folks. If that's what it takes...
Just linked to this one.
Hey Granny...thanks!

Michael, I want to do more on this topic, but I'm going to be out of pocket today. So my posting will be light. Maybe tomorrow.
no froggie...eating the head is wrong..it's all empty calories...

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