Windows Vista - The OS You're Gonna Love To Hate

It's been a busy day, and I just can't face any more Republican sleaze. So let's talk about something else. How about Windows Vista, the new and improved Microsoft behemoth that you're gonna love to hate.

Vista is chock full of gotchas that will make your life just a little bit harder, for example: Digital rights management (DRM) that will decide what you can and cannot view--what you can and cannot listen to--even if you own your content; Defender, operating system software that will have the final say about what constitutes malware, even if it's a legitimate program that you use. And what about that funky reinstallation restriction? Rumor has it that one major hardware change is all you get before Vista decides you've got a new machine and deactivates itself.

And if that weren't enough, the new and improved End User License Agreement (EULA) has some gems for industry professionals as well, like...no published benchmarks without Microsoft's permission and no disclosing those pesky security vulnerabilities.

All in all Vista looks like a bad deal for just about everyone, and take it from a Frog in the industry...if you want to be happy using largely trouble-free software...get MacOS. On the other hand, since it looks like Vista will be delayed another 18,000 years, maybe it isn't such a problem after all.


... since it looks like Vista's launch being delayed another 18,000 years, maybe it isn't such a problem after all.

LOL! Yeppers. What's new?


Isn't the most popular Business OS still Win2K, anyway?
Isn't the whole idea of putting out a new product making it improved? Who'd be fool enough to install this program?
Bad news, good news. The bad news: Microsluts. The good news? There'll forever be people in the industry who'll find the holes. GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN HACKERS!!!

I sill have my old XT with DOS 6.2 on it.:) Why....escapes me at the moment, but every now and then, I fire it up and wander through the lovely green pastures of DOS....:)

Vista will have about 2,000 releases before it gets out of beta, and by then, they'll have a new one cooked up. There is one solution: Nah. America couldn't agree on anything that long. Sorry to waste your bandwidth.
Michael, I think that it's still NT! EEK!

Lew, there are a lot of nifty new features (according to the press), but compatibility is alwasy a problem with MS upgrades, and on that basis I agree with you. Don't be a fool. Leave it for a year...maybe forever.

TFWY, true enough. If there is anything that Micorsoft loves...it's reinventing the wheel every 7 or so years.
The hardware requirements are beyond reason.
I've said it before and I'll say it again all anyone ever wanted was WfWG 3.11 without the bugs.

And a nice SG workstation.
Nice color coordination on these last two posts.


One thing that sucks for me is that trading software only runs on MS, so I'm stuck with it. I looked into the Mac Duos, but once you install MS operating systems on it, you get all the same problems.
I'd love to have a Mac, but I'm stuck with Microserf for business reasons. I think I'll stick with 2K for now.
A bootleg copy of windows xp has always done fine by me.
I'm with Frederick on my personal usage. I've been WinXP since I got my first bootleg of it in '99. I think I've actually paid for you copy since then. Hhmmm.. Oh yah! My current version of XP Home is perfectly (legally) legit.

Weirdness, that... But it does feel kinda cool regardless. {shakin'head} Man, I must be gettin' old. {-;
How the hekk did I 'po "you" for "for one copy..."???

Old, I tells ya! {sighhh}

1138... Welcome to Blognonymous. Hey didn't SG just emerge from bankruptcy? Maybe you'll have a chance to get that Indigo you always wanted.

Praguetwin, coincidence...yes! Any anyway no blue in that last post. But more to the point... I'm sure you could find trading software that's Mac-friendly. Is this something from a brokerage?

Betty, again...what is it you lack? I've found that there is very little I'd want on windows that I can't get in some form on a Mac. (Then again I also use Linux for software development, as my Powerbook's a little pokey.)
Sounds like a pain in the ass.
Fred, "bootleg" is such an ugly word. How about "liberated"?

Michael, that's kinda odd since it's hard to get a machine without a copy of Windoze, unless of course your build-en-yourself. I've done that as well, but usually put Linux on those machines.
yea - mac RULES!!!
I regularly use InDesign, Word and PowerPoint, all of which are available in Mac and PC, of course. But we have formatting issues when we transfer documents back and forth from Mac and PC. I know that's not supposed to happen, but it does. Stupid little squares displace my apostrophes, crap like that.
Betty, that "stupid little squares" thing is probably the fact that the character that represents the "smart quote" not being available in the typeface on one machine or another. Switching to normal quotes usually solves that but doesn't look quite as nice when printing.

AZG...you know it! :-)
I trade currency and the platforms all require an MS OS. The system is pretty complex and has to be seemless. It is not nearly as simple as trading equities. Seconds can mean huge sums of money.
Makes me happy I run Linux...
My new laptop is Vista capable. I ALMOST d/l the beta until I read the fine print..which said you couldn't go back without a total reinstall..screw that.

I got more out of your writeup that means something..than all the other sites touting the new "glass" browser,etc.
Froggy, I was too immersed in your marvellous election campaign to spot this post. My soon to be former play mate (I am leaving these rocky shores in a week or so) is at the coal face of this computing revolution.
Argue as I might, she simply cannot see that a server based solution to software delivery is doomed to failure. In fact the problems of co-ordinating patchy connectivity, server issues and local machines is a constant headache.
Methinks it is a headache which causes a certain blindness among the over-excited development/support teams. I keep seeing those massive warning signs: WRONG WAY, but I can assure you the developers can't see them.
I think I will stick to Mac or Linux.
BTW: You are featured over at Grub Street today, on "fin de régime', just pushing your poll vigilance message.
Praguetwin, I've done equities analysis systems for hedge funds, and they're a bitch! I feel your pain.

Sothis, me too but I have to deal with anything I'm told to work with so Mac...great! Windoze...[uch]...sure. Linux...no problem.

Dusty, glad I could be of assistance.

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