Time For The Governator To Go

The Governator On Larry King
Democrat Phil Angelides is having a tough time in the California governor's race and probably won't win. But three years of a man acting the part of our governor is enough. Schwarzenegger waffles, proposes initiatives nobody wants, and treats the legislature and his opponents with disdain.

It's time for Skynet's minion to be shown the door.


That's a GREAT picture!!

What are the chances that he will really go?? I thought you Californians were SMART!!
When will you Californians learn? First you elected Reagan, now this bad actor. Who's next, Chuck Norris?
Pam...none, unfortunately. Angelides is just too far behind. Our problem with Ahrnult is that he's a chameleon. He turns whatever color he thinks the electorate wants. To liberals, he's a moderate that talks up major environmental initiatives just before the election. For conservatives he puts massively unpopular inititives on our ballot, only to abandon them when the public revolts.

If he would just stake out his terrority and stick to it, that would be different, but just can't. He's too much of an actor.

Lew...LOL! Don't forget Sonny Bono and Clint Eastwood. How about we elect say...George Clooney?
Angelides doesn't stand a change. Much like Gray Davis, he has the personality of a overly blanched potato, and all the flavor to go with it.

No crimes were committed to get Gray out, why can't we do the same for the Governator? Becuase he's got muscle...and we don't. It's like we are getting sand kicked in our faces on a regular basis being a democrat in the USA.
Pull the damn plug!
You will hear my screams over there in Rainbow Town! He comes here alot and it is a stones throw to the big mall by where I live...and I feel the darkness while he is near. He's a glob of silly putty I swear!
Windspike, that's a good question. Damn. Time for a recall!

Fashiongirl, didn't they try that with Skynet? As I recall, it didn't work.

Sumo, "It doesn't eat! It doesn't sleep! And it absolutely will not stop, until it is governor!"

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