The O'Froggy Factor

On good days, this frog would never curtail someone's right to free speech--never apply the kinds of labels or advocate the kinds of punishments that radical rightists are in love with.

This is not one of those days. Spurred on by this new CNN f*ckstick, Glenn Beck, tearing into MN Rep. elect Keith Ellison, Evil Kvatch takes over, grabs the microphone and lets loose with The O'Froggy Factor!

You know that what we really want is to go medieval on Ann Coulter's ass--drop Michael Savage in East LA and let the homies have at him for 20 minutes. You know it! We want to render David Addington to an Albanian prison where he can experience water-boarding for himself--grab John Yoo and let him teach classes at Gitmo Law...

...but for now how about we just take these choice six, pundits and politicians, and send them for an all expense paid vacation to a Halliburton Reeducation Camp. What else are you going to do with people who choose to so systematically damage America?

OK...I feel better now. Anybody else you'd like me to deal with?


Sure, John Ashcroft, just for "old times sake".
Michelle Malkin. She has to be near the top of any list of wankers
yeah, second that motion me4prez: you can't deal with ann & leave michele alive & kicking. and of course it'd be excellent irony for cheney to end up at the halliburton re-edu camp, special section where you try out all the new tools he loves so much. ~~ D.K.
this is cruel showing us all these scumbag photos in one blog. Yuk!
Sure, John Ashcroft, just for "old times sake".

Oh I don't know. Ashcroft is an idiot, but is he really evil? Oh...OK, him too!

And while we're on the subject of female pundits D.K., ...how about Pamela of Atlas Shruggs?

Peacechick, Evil Kvatch doesn't apologize. Nice Kvatch however says..."sorry".
The photo above could be used for a Scared Straight program.
My goodness...that's as good a rogues gallery as any. Fire away.
R-bE, Windspike... I especially want to render the bottom three. Pundits are just talking heads, but Yoo, Gonzales, and Addington trying to destroy this country.
Imo....the evidence is piling up, and piling up quickly. First there was Fox....then ABC....now CNN.

The money owners at the top know which side their bread is buttered on....and that's not going to change in January, either.

Short of armed rebellion, may I suggest we start getting used to it, because NOBODY is listening!
Take the guy in the upper right corner and firmly implant his cranium into the rectum of the guy to the left of his picture.

Then turn them upside down. Good times.
kvatch, in my naivete, I was blissfully unaware of Atlas Shrugs. Saw it on your blogroll. Couldn't escape that hurling harridan fast enough. eeeyuk, there's still some festering slime residue on the screen. thanks A LOT! (but yes, I see she's a good candidate for that ann & michele troika. hats off, you know your enemies). ~~ D.K.
TFWY, I know...depressing, isn't it? I'd not heard anything about Glenn Beck before, and man is he a prick!

PT :-) :-) :-) Savage is just that.

D.K., you ain't read nothing until you've read The Rightwing Howler. Of the people on the "enemies" list he's the worst. I used to tangle with him regularly, got my first few readers from others that had been flamed by him. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.
Could Savage have found any uglier toupee?
How about Sean Calamity or Rush Limpballs?(Not as hair pieces for savage, although that would fit with PT's suggestion)
That is one nasty ass gathering there. For their pie-holes, Coulter & Savage disgust me. Wastes of nitrogen & oxygen.
Sean and Rush are very deserving of re-education. Consider it done!

Chuck...couldn't agree more. Waste of good DNA IMHO!
Well the bottom three are War Criminals and the top three could also be prosecuted as they are propagandist for Der Fuehrer Bush and Hitlers propagandist was tried in the Hague for his part in War Crimes.

Like too see then all in a secret prison being interogated for evidence too be used against them all at there trials.

Oh that's right, can't use evidence obtained by torture is a real War Crimes Trial. Oh well, maybe next time.

God Bless all.
I was amazed that you didn't have Rush and Billy in there already, but someone beat me to the listing of them.

P-T? How can we push their heads into each other's anal orifices, when they've got them already so firmly planted in their own?

Most of these folks have their heads so far up their own asses that they need plate-glass bellybuttons just to see where they're going.
CNN needs to get rid of Beck...Oreally has a home until someone gets rid of FOX News. Alberto has a home until the impeachment of his bosses of which he'll be part, Ann The Rigor Mortis Bitch of Rant has never really had a home. She's a roving- I mean raving prostitute.

Add to the list The Jesus Camp Director Becky! Elizabeth Dole. hell the list is far too long to even think about listing it here, and my head hurts...
Anon...Evil Kvatch is all over your suggestion.

Sewmouse, I would of included everyone, but you know it makes the post awful long. As for Rush, after his "carrying water" comment, I just look at him as a rather sad sort of clown.

TPM, you are so right. Beck is a turd and is doing CNN no favors.
Second the Malkin, Limbaugh and Hannity nominations, and would like to add Cheney, as long as politicians are included.

Thanks for ventin' that, yer Frogship! 'Sbeen all quiet on the Impeachment front to date.

What shall be the fruit of these elections just passed?
Here are a few more, but you got six of the very worst ones, Kvatch!

Tucker Carlson.
Bill Bennett.
Grover Norquist.
Hannity AND Colmes too, for being Hannity's tool.
Rush and David Limbaugh.
Tim LaHaye.
Newt Gingrich.
Dr. Laura.
Oregon's Lars Larson (radio talker).
Wayne LaPierre.
Pat Robertson.
Jerry Falwell.
James Dobson.
Ralph Reed.
Sam Brownback.
Katherine Harris.
Jeb Bush.
Tom Tancredo.
Henry Kissinger.

It's probably way too late for Henry to be re-educated, but it might at least be a good thing to make it illegal for him to advise Dumbya.
Generik...yeah, yeah...Malkin is definitely in. She and Coulter are like the Wicked Witch of East and the Wicked Witch of the West.

The existence of John Tesh is indeed a sign of the coming End Times.

Michael...well...not impeachment, according to my own representative.

Hey Snave, wouldn't it be easier to list the people you wouldn't want to send to Gitmo?
I think the first the first lesson of a re-education camp would be to demonstrate the efficacy of duct tape as a mechanism to seal off a plastic bag around Rush Limbaugh's neck. Alternate between Rush and Henry Kissinger. Would not want to wear them out before we get to advanced waterboarding.
EEK Rich! I was just thinking more along the lines of Manzanar-style privation.

But, that said, Evil Kvatch approves!

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