An Ode On Jack Abramoff

Fat Jack is off to jail today
And many lawmakers will pray
A six year sentence in the clink
Will gag this lobbyist and fink.

But alas it just ain't so
The scandal's set to grow and grow
With Jack about to spill his guts
In the hope his time they'll cut.

Right and left all quake in fear
Cause senators and Karl are near
To learning of a fate they dread
As they're fingered by the feds.

But for now there's no more black
They're gonna take Jack's sporty hat
And perhaps he'll look less fat
When prison stripes are where it's at.


man oh man - i just wish it were not a federal golf-playing prison they were sending him to...

nice poem!!
Yah man! errr, I mean frog!

Here's hopin ol' Jack A is another of the nutters who finds Jeebus whilst in the clink (even if it is the Ritz-C variety,) and realizes that he needs to out and implicate everyone in his pre-B.O. life.
AZG, minimum security I think and near D.C. so he can continue cooperating. But a "Club Fed"? Not so sure.

Michael, I agree. Out 'em all Dem, Rethug, and otherwise!
Methinks ol' Jack has much to say
So he might get out early, eh? ;>)

I can't rhyme my way out of a box or else I'd add a verse.
I think he should write a tell all book and donate proceeds to Reservations

Fat Jack is going to blab and cry
Bring down those fools he hoped to buy!


Me4Prez, he could start with the Tigua's, my favorite tribe.
Squeal Jack, squeal!
I'd sure like to be privy to what he's been offered to keep quiet....and what he's been threatened with if he talks. I've got to believe when the dice rolls, it's going to be for some incredibly high stakes.
Peacechick..."squeal like a pig..."! :-)

TFWY, the Xsociate over at his site opined that Jack is being hastened into the clink to make it harder for Justice to get access to him. I think that DoJ has asked for a delay.
That's very good little frog friend. Yes, very good and funny too.

Jack can spill the beans. A tall bean stalk will grow and at the top we find a giant. The giant looks so much like so many repubs. He looks guilty.
I hear tell Abramoff has himself a bunch of AIPAC Democrats snared in his net. If it's true, I hope they go down hard. And Rove too? That would be worth him being corrupt in the first place. I'll get a "Pardon Abramoff" button on my site if he can do all that.
Thanks PoP! My grandfrog used to say, "If you can't say something smart, say something dumb...in verse!"

SA, heard that as well, and I'm on board. If he'll tell all I'll proudly display my "Pardon Abramoff" button. (We'll OK...but only if we give somehthing back to the tribes as well."
I LOVE this poem. :)
When Jackoff Jackie spills his guts,
I hope Karl Rove gets it in the nuts.
And that many in our Congress' halls,
Will also take it in the balls.

As for Jack he'd better hope
That when he showers, he won't drop soap.
If he won't talk and cut a deal,
He's bound to moan and groan and squeal.
But maybe if he testifies,
He won't get tried on for size.

He's a shit, but he could be redeemed,
By getting other's asses reamed:
Ney, DeLay, and ol' Ralph Reed
Are some who really are in need.

And once Jack starts, he shouldn't stop,
He needs to take it to the top!
Wouldn't it just be sublime
To see Gee Dubya doin' time?

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