The Military Recognizes Liberal Wisdom

By now you've all seen the graph from the NY Times article on the military's assessment of the situation in Iraq. I just want to call your attention to one important but overlooked fact...

What's on the LEFT side of this graph? What's on the right?
'Nuff said! :-)


Yes, there's peace in the Green Zone, but for the rest of Iraq...
It's Bad. Did you happen to catch This?

Retired Gen. Batiste on New Approaches in Iraq
OK...ok...didn't think my joke was that obscure.

Peace...on the "left"? Chaos...on the "right"? :-)
I got it!

Unfortunately... the fact that the situation is deteriorating and yet the Decider and his mafia seem so confident about next Tuesday gives me chills...
Sewmouse, there's no question. Both you and Lew are quite right. But after midnight, all my tiny little frog brain has room for is snark.
Bush said yesterday that rummy and shooter are doing a terrific job. Will he think they are doing a more terrific job if the little pointer moves farther to the right?
That's what he said about "Heckuva Job" Brownie, and Andy Card right before giving them the axe. I think Secretary of Defense Lieberman is a lock, I'll be waiting to see who the new Sith apprentice is , however.
PoP, Mikevotes had a good observation on what Bush's announcement means: Don't expect anything to change in his last two years. If anything expect that he'll dig in his heels and things will continue to worsen.

Fred...see above. I'm not betting on it, but a Sec. of Defense Lieberman would be something wouldn't it. "We'll give you a plum position if you just give up that seat and let us appoint someone to fill it."s
Can we put that in direct contrast with the terrorist threat level indicator as well? That would be a nice comparison...
I would have liked that graph alot more if the left had been blue rather than green.
I don't know, Bhfrik, Green's always been kinda peace-inducin' for me.

But Frog, I thought it was Clowns to the left of me, and Jokers to Right. Hhmmm...

Nope. Yours is more realistic.

WS, indeed it would. Though I was just interested in the left-right thing! :-)

BHFRIK...LOL! That would have made the joke even better!

Michael, there ain't nobody to the left of me! I'm as left as it gets.

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