Kvatch's Kommandos Storm The Kastro

At noon today two companies of Kvatch's Kommandos stormed into San Francisco's Castro district, showing support for America's veterans while getting odd looks from the Sunday brunch crowd.

Check out all of the great pics of bloggers fighting the War on War at the Kommandos Project.


We must have crossed paths. With this new job, I didn't have time to do the kommando thing this round. Next term, I'll be less swamped and have more time for this.

Your troops were brave, bold and delivered victory!

Fight on Kvatch Kommandos, Fight on.
I simply freakin' LIKE IT!!!
We shall fight them in the crosswalks; we shall fight them in the turn lane; we shall defend our little country from neocon maniacs. Go Kommandos!
Thanks all.

The Worried American (Is America Burning) really deserves the credit for the Veterans Day operation. It was his suggestion.
Subversiveness at its best!
Can I deploy a platoon or two in SLC next year?
Lukku, we'd love to have you deploying some Kommandos in SLC. In fact, that part of our "Kommandos Map" is noticibly lean on the participants.
Well count me in then!
Well count me in then!

Please send me an email address, and I'll get you an invitation.

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