Kvatch Kvetches - Should'a Copped To The Meth Ted

Bits for when nothing but the finest 20/20 hindsight and prognostication will do...

Ted Haggard - Are you insane? Half of evangelical American doesn't even know what methamphetamine is. You should have admitted using meth and denied having sex with a gay prostitute.

Dear Leader - You just secured a guilty verdict in the most expensive prosecution in history...what are you going to do for an encore?

Donald Rumsfeld - Your own generals just dissed you. F*cking resign before Cheney invites you on a "hunting trip".

Nancy Pelosi - The House is yours, but just barely. You better have a solid agenda and PR of the gods to handle the GOP. They're going to blame you for everything from the Iraq to Darfur.

Democrats - You got the House, but the GOP called Diebold who promptly delivered the Senate. (The evidence of fraud is just too compelling, folks. Talent and Allen will pull off "miraculous" wins). Prepare for gridlock that will make the 109th look like a cakewalk.

America - You lose. Sorry, but The Deciderer has already stated that he won't change course. He won't fire Rumsfeld or Cheney, won't stop the executive power grabs, will flush away another $200B in Iraq. It's gonna be a rough two years.


I was laughing it up until I got to the part about Talent. Geez, Kvatch, you need to gimme a warning, as in, "Warning, most of this is funny, but I now I'm going to hit you upside the head with the reality bat." ;) I'm worried about the elections, too. What happens if there's another stolen election? What can be done?
About the rough two years coming up - it might get even rougher for the bushits if we get our way this time. Even if we don't the energy that has been built up by this election will hound them until the end or their end.
I agree with you that the evidence of fraud will be impossible to hide. They are going to have to break the system to hold the Senate.
Julien...sorry about that.

I've been reading too much Brad Blog and am really depressed about the elections. Oddly, it's not the upcoming stealing of the Senate that's got me down. It's the wholesale loss of trust in the process, everywhere. The Knighterrant's got it right. They'll break the system to hold the Senate, and when it's broken, what's left?

How did it come to the point where I'm going to take a camera into my polling place in case another 6 ballot boxes end up in San Francisco Bay? (Happened in 2002!)

Ahhhh froggy, such a way with words.
Keep that camera clicking. My tele lens can't reach across the border and into the polling stations. But I look forward to a little of the evidence that will destroy the evil regime.
Just another day in Amerika.

I left you a message to your comment on my site.

Keep up the good work.

God Bless.
Cartledge, probably nothing interesting from out here in Babylon by the Bay, but I'll try to piss off a few elections officials on your behalf. Once in 1997, they tried to kick me out the polling place for recording my votes in my Apple Newton and then using it in the voting booth. Not sure if it was the idea of creating a crib sheet or that I used the Apple Newton to do it.

Fred, what is this Amerika? I've heard of A'mer'ca, but not this other one. :-)

Anon...thanks, I'll be right over.
It's gonna be a rough two years.
We can take it. We just came off a six year trail ride - bareback!
If the Democrats take Congress, they have the power under the Constitution, not subject to a Presidential veto, to mandate both non-partisan redistricting and paper ballots. They should do both, not within the first 100 hours, but within the first 10 minutes of taking office.
Amerika...commie...soviet...kgb...where have you been froggy? They'll cheat that's for sure...but we have recourse...it will just take some time though. I don't care how long it takes...I want the taint of cheating to ring loud and clear to the news people and that includes around the world. I think it will get some coverage. And it better be fairly done too.
It's a sad day for Democracy when a party has to cheat, lie, and move back guilty verdicts to win. Whatever happened to having a platform to deal with real issues?
"F*cking resign before Cheney invites you on a "hunting trip".

Too late for Rummy, I'm afraid; the VP has announced he's going hunting on Election Day (seriously)
Cheney said yesterday on Stepanopouluslous (sp? LOL) that he basically doesn't give a good damn what the public thinks about the war because he and bush aren't running for re-election. It was basically a hardy F U to the American people.
Saddam was found guilty? I'm shocked--insert sarcasm here.

Jeezy Creezy, it's not like he had sex with a gay prostitute or anything completely immoral like that. He just used the weapons the US gave him to kill some of his OWN people.

Oh that's right--you have to kill other people (like all the Shiites he killed in Iran). Than it's OK.
TFWY, true, but now I'm going to have to put up with the frustration of my own party not being able to accomplish anything.

LC, that's really good information. I didn't know that. I don't think that electronic voting machines are going to go away, but there are many resonable, verifiable ways to go about electronic voting.

Sumo, I was just kidding around with Fred, but on your second point: I hope we do get some evidence of election fraud. Then we could demand a resonable federal standard (see the comment above).
Lew, I don't know...Pelosi is doing a lot of talking but I don't here much that is new coming out of her mouth.

Rex, I know! Read it this morning. But he's going with his daughter. Wonder what she did to deserve this?

PoP, he said more...he also said that he and Bush would both refuse to testify in any inquiry coming from Congress.
I share your same sense of frustration, kvatch. It's kind of hard not to be depressed as you watch the country being raped and pillaged by this administration and most of Congress.

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