Kvatch Kvetches - Meet the New GOP...

...same as the old GOP, or "What Kvatch blogs about until a BBP (bigger better post) comes along".

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
Trent Lott manages to win back a leadership post in the Senate. Republicans deny that this is a return to the 'good ol' days'. Strom Thurmond sends his congratulations from beyond the grave.

"They didn't win. We lost. Or...was it the other way around?"
Tom DeLay takes to the Blogsphere to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

"If senior citizens win, America loses!"
Bu$hCo announces that it will "strenuously oppose" one of the Democrats top priorities: Legislation authorizing the feds to negotiate with drug companies to get lower drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries.


Yeppers!! Gittin' Ole Trent back in there sure took care of those "San Francisco" values!!" [sic]

Human beings like you and me - well, let me rephrase that. Alleged Human beings, voted for him. You have to wonder......
what i wish -- is that we help our seniors get off of these killer drugs the companies are pushing them...and put those companies outta big business...
It's odd, my local news radio station, which is usually just straight forward journalism... kept playing "THE" Trent Lott quote everytime they mentioned story.

Hail, the return of the liberal media!
TFWY, 'ol Strom must sure be proud...starin' as he is, from hel-I mean-heaven.

AZG, I think I agree... that we need some sanity in the healthcare system. More diagnosis, less drug therapy. We still need Big Pharma, but the unrestrained profits and pushing of new medications has got to stop.

Crackpot, or at least one station, huh? I see all sorts of subtle and not so subtle discimination against liberals in the MSM. Probably why so many of us are turning away from traditional news sources.
With Strom in there, they will probably reduce drug costs just for old white folks. This is definitely a sick bunch.
Trent Lott is the whip. Something tells me he likes the sound of that.
Peacechick, or to be more specific...old white dead folks. ;-)

PoP, oh I hope doesn't get a nickname like "The Hammer".

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