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...same as the old boss.

"Whatever your opinion of the outcome, all Americans can take pride in the example our democracy sets for the world by holding elections even in a time of war," - George W. Bush

Uh George...the US has never cancelled a federal election! Never will cancel an election. Not during wartime, not ever...unless some moron like you tries it!

"President Bush will not relent in his defense of John Bolton, his nominee for U.N. ambassador, despite unwavering opposition from Democrats..."

The Senate--the Republican Senate--has been sitting on this for almost a year. Bolton doesn't have the votes in committee much less on the Senate floor. The nomination is dead. Move on George!


Nope, the f*cker will not go down without a fight. The honeymoon with the dem control isn't even over and he is already fooling around on the side.

Reality is about to bite his ass. I wanna see it when it happens.
As Karlheinz Rove's head explodes trying to figure out what went wrong with HIS numbers, Georgie continues to attempt to "Stay the course" in SOME way.

Is it not ironic that my word verification word for a post about the scumbag Bush is:

skubg ?
The whole last week has been quite I bad dream for Georgie, no surprise he hasn't awoke to what it all means yet. Same with the MSM.
My wacky theory was closer than I thought, I wonder what stopped him? They probably thought they were going to win the election and didn't plan for a big enough margin of error.

Computers are only as good as the data that is input.

So far.
They thought they were going to steal the elections.

Democracy has given King George a great big 'ol slap in the face!! Get ready to be dethroned!
PoP, Sewmouse, Fred you are all correct that Bush is going to get a wake-up call, probably in the form of legislation that he'll later have to veto. 1 veto in the first 6 years, and bazillion in the next two.

Debra, really cancel an election? Not unless the GOP wants rioting in the streets. I hope it would never come to that. Elections were held even during the Civil War.

Pam, that's probably more likely, huh? We all need to push the Democratic leadership to set national election standards. No more gaming hte system.
Bush is going to have to resign. His own party will force him to so it can survive him.

They're going to Nixon him.
Goddamn NAZI!
You know, before this election I thought I disliked GW a great deal. Now he creeps me out to a level I previously thought completely unattainable. "Bipartisan" my sweet ass.

Has this man no sense of irony??: "As president, I actually considered cancelling the elections during a time of war......... a war THAT I in fact CHOSE TO START!"

I wanna try that kind of logic in my everyday life, especially when it comes to major things like my car lease and my mortgage. I wonder how long it will take to get my car repossessed and my house foreclosed?
Not relenting is the face of certain failure is their specialty, no?

That's what "stay the course" means, no?
Goddamn NAZI!

But what do you really think, Chuck? :-) But to address the Station Agents observation, I don't think that Nazi's can be forced to resign. Can they?

Lukku, Georgie's just talking nice because he can feel the noose around his nect. At least that's what I like to think.
Tina...LOL! "Look I paid my mortgage, even in a time of war!"

Windspike, indeed. In fact, I'm expecting to hear the ressurection of that phrase in about 2 months.
the dems better start thinking about how to undo all of the crap that the repubs have done- and still have the time to do between now and january. i just hope that they don't try to push bolton through- and actually do it. he is a nightmare and a freaking half!!
I can't believe Bush is still going to try and force Bolton through. He just isn't getting the message yet. I think he is ignoring his wake-up call. What other unpopular stuff will he try to cram down America's throat in what will amount to pathetic, dying gestures?

He never really had that "political capital" he spoke of spending. He tried spending capital he didn't have, and it backfired. He overreached, in the grandest style.

He has spent lots of money the country doesn't have, on Iraq, and that has backfired. I'm not sure he even knows where some of that money has gone... and it will take years to recover from the debt, if we even can.

If what is happening now is not enough to wake the guy up or get him to smell the coffee, I think nothing can do it.

We can't write his political eulogy yet, because he is going to hang on like a bloody tick, regardless of how wrong he is. At least there will be a balance of power, and it won't all be run by the GOP/neocons anymore.
Betmo, Snave, the rumor that I heard is that Bush is looking for a way to keep Bolton as the UN ambassador without getting Congress' approval. I wonder if congress could sue the administration to get an injunction.

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