I Want My Goddamned Spectacle!

Saddam In Better DaysSo here we have the big November surprise: Saddam Hussein is convicted and sentenced to hang for crimes against Iraqis. But after the most expensive prosecution in human history, I have to ask: We've spent $400B and all we get is a hanging!? For that price I would expect to see the gates of Hell open and Satan himself emerge to duck-walk Saddam down into the fiery pit.

Where's my goddamned spectacle?!


Well, you could rent "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" and see that.

Did you miss it? The Gates of Hell DID open and Bush walked out...
Oh, there will be a spectacle alright. Just not the one you were hoping for.
We could always send him hunting with Cheney. This is similar to my disappointment over the Jack Abramoff case. Thus far, the Justice Department has not responded to my proposal to save the Federal Bureau of Prisons the cost of incarcerating him by turning him over to the tribes he swindled for punishment. Personally, I would recommend the Comanche.
Sothis...but in South Park BLaU, didn't Saddam just die first? Not quite how I hope it will happen.

Neil, damn! I must have been out sipping a latte or something.

Praguetwin...actually I suspect you're right. In fact, I think that the spectacle has already begun.

LC, the Frogette suggested something very similar. She thought that simply placing Saddam out in the street in Basra or Sadr City would take care of the problem.
Like I've said elsewhere, at least we now have a precedent for how to deal with leaders who run their country into the ground, starting wars of aggression, squandering their fellow countrymen's lives, etc, etc....
Do you think when Geo Bush himself appears on natl news pulling the lever that jerks saddam's body on the choke-chain rope (to dance the tikriti twist), that the world will finally understand we went to war over a personal vendetta? ~~ D.K.
Frederick...you wouldn't be talking about...say it isn't so...the necktie party?!

D.K., the world already knows, as does half of America. The other hald? They'll never know, or care.

Mr_Blog...I can always count on you to keep me apprised of the latest! :-)
Hee hee! I just love your comments!! They never disappoint!
I say we have a hand to hand cage match: Saddam vs. Bush. Only one man comes out alive.
Thanks Pam.

No Lew. I think that it has to Saddam vs. Kim Jong Il, and...just on the cusp of defeat, the Dear Leader reaches into his hair and, Foxy Brown like, pulls out a single-shot gun and does Saddam in!
The true spectacle is that the amount total it cost to give Saddam this joke of a trial cost more than all of the amounts combined that Chalabi (ya know... just the little guy that Bush relied upon for plenty of the "Saddam- has- WMDs" info so he himself could slither into power in Iraq) has been convicted of stealing in several different nations.

And ahem... I hate to differ with the Wise Frog, but it was Cleopatra Jones who sported the weapons hiding afro. I know this b/c as a child, my big cruel big sister would call me Cleopatra Jones in hot, humid weather b/c my thick, curly hair could turn into a white girl 'fro in seconds. Sigh... thank the stars for straightening irons...
Hey Tina! Thanks for the correction. Serves me right for not checking it on AllMovie before I posted. :-)
that was a very, very, very expensive verdict. Worth it? Doubt it.

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