I Got Yer San Francisco Values Right Here

In this final week before the midterms the phrase San Francisco values is being thrown around by conservative stalwarts as a way to rally their base--to scare the kiddies into voting Republican. Newt Gingrich put it like this:
Will everything you've worked so hard to accomplish be lost to the San Francisco values of would-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi?
But you know what this frog says? America could use a good dose of San Francisco values...

While the heartland is busy trying to keep gays from marrying, we're defying California law to embrace commitment in all it's splendor and diversity. 3000 gay marriages in a week is a number that makes even the Reverend Moon look like a piker.

In San Francisco you've got a city where the big-box is told to shove it so that Mom-and-Pop shops can thrive.

While the heartland criminalizes homelessness, we're trying novel solutions that get the indigent off the streets, into rehab, and into homes of their own.

While the rest of America tries to decide between the Escalade and Expedition, we're out here buying Priuses, and driving in the H.O.V. lane, and taking mass-transit, and starting car-sharing companies.

We're gonna try out universal health care, right here in Sodom by the Sea, to see how we like it. What is the GO-f*cking-P doing for the rest of y'all?

While Bu$hCo is busy blowing Big Oil, we're out here passing the kind of clean air initiatives the EPA can only dream of.

This is a city that doesn't judge you by the color of your skin, the language you speak, by your gender, by your age, your sexual-orientation, your religion, your kink, your fetish, or your oddity. (Note I didn't say political party. We have to have some standards after all.)

There's a reason that the Rainbow flag flies over the Castro. We don't just know about diversity--we don't just know about multi-culturalism--we bloody well live it! And if the GOP, the RNC, and all of the so-called "values voters" are so goddamned afraid of San Francisco, then why does everybody and their brother want to live here?


I certainly enjoyed my time there. If only I had the money to return...
I want to move to san francisco!!
I certainly enjoyed my time there. If only I had the money to return...

I know what you mean, JollyRoger. Don't know how long I'm gonna have the money to stay. It's the price of being popular.


Pam...please do! Everyone is welcome...well ok, maybe not the Reverend Haggard.
I agree with you Frog, from my literary knowledge of SF and Castro/ Good stuff.
I'm just dissapointed finding that everyone else in the US is watching the alltack ads and asking; "Who the hell is Nancy Pelosi?"
loved san fran, the wharfs with sea lions..and the castro district...and the ladies all in a row..beautiful houses..it has some of the msot unique architecture i've ever seen..

san fran may very well be the city that shows us the way thru this intolerance...
high five
OMG! Nancy Pelosi's values? Liberals claim to even possess values? Well, as a God fearing pro-life Christian, I for one am going to use that horrific gay rainbow flag on that house of sinners and sodomites as a target for one of my many grenade launchers that thankfully the blessed NRA has promised me I can have.... sigh....
I'm lucky enough to have a mother-in-law who lives on Skyline a few miles to the south of y'all. I'll wave in your direction when I'm out there next!

Oh, and out here in Utah, the rainbow flag just means a pretty rainbow. I can't TELL you how disorienting that is!
Right on!
Cartledge, I'm hoping that the whole thing is just a waste of time for the RNC.

AZG, Liberal Avenger...thanks. Not that SF is perfect, but there is a lot to love about this city.

Lukku, don't just wave...come and visit, and Tina you can't hurt us our Bill O'Reilly proof defense system takes care of all of that.
A-friggin'-men, Kvatch! They should be so lucky as to live in a place with 'San Francisco values'.
San Francisco! Where my husband proposed to me 31-yrs ago at the Top of the Mark, and then two German guys tried to pick him up. He sprechen Sies & has always insisted they were trying to pick me up, but I'm still unconvinced. It remains one of our favorite vaca spots, very romantic city where love is sometimes literally in the air.

You got their number, Kvatch, they are AFRAID, cuz we're coming soon to a precinct near them. ~~ D.K.
If San Francisco values means I don't cheat on my spouse (esp. if he was in the hospital with cancer), I don't ignore pedofiles in my workplace, I don't steal from Native Americans, I don't do all the horrible things Repugs in this administration and Congress do every day, then HELL YEAH I have San Francisco values.

I'm proud to live in a place that gets all those lying, cheating hackles up in Washington and beyond.

Call Newt's office and let him know. I did.
The scare tactics are all the GOP has, as their entire agenda outside of fear has failed miserably.
I'm still sitting her giggling over my friend Tina's comment. She always nails it.

I've been trying to bring San Francisco values 135 miles south without any noticeable success.
Anon...nice stabs at Gingrich, Hastert, and the entire Dept. of the Interior. I thought of doing a post from the point of view of the hypocrisy of the GOP on values, but since they attacked my city directly...
Hey...I have been to SFO a number of times. I have friends sprinkled throughout the area. San Francisco values are what this country is all about.

F**k'em if they can't deal!

I feel fortunate living is Seattle, which is kinda like San Fran's kid brother. We're on the path, but we have a long way to go.

Mike @
String Cheese Theory
You're a lucky frog! I wish *I* was still out there in my birthplace. But I s'pose, like Pam, that I am needed here where I am to fight the good fight.
Haven't been to San Francisco, but its gotta be a hell of a lot better than Washington DC.

God Bless.
Not only that, but San Franciscans are brave! They know an earthquake could wipe them out at any time and they still stay and thrive. And what about Joe DiMaggio, huh? Something wrong with Joe's "San Francisco values"?
Hot Damn! The ole Frog's on his pad tonight!:) [whisper]But y'all still got Pelosi...(:
I think that little injection of "coastal American values" is just the ticket, but it's easy for me too spout off. All of you guys in the heartland...John and Pam, E4E and Kathy, Neil, Graeme, Lew, and everybody else are doing the real work.
We'd be a helluva lot better off if the entire country embraced San Francisco values!
I don't know...weather is all together too nice out there for this New Yorkers taste.
Don't you guys also have a Living Wage law in place, too? Hasn't killed businesses either.
Excellent post, Kvatch. I appreciate that you pointed out all the good things being done on the local level to make your city one of the best places in the country to live. Others should follow. And, when San Francisco had the big fire, I read how well the local responders handled the tragedy and the humanity they displayed was astounding.
Don't you guys also have a Living Wage law in place, too? Hasn't killed businesses either.

Sothis...right you are! We do, and I can't believe that I forgot it. Thanks for reminding me.

We also have a law that requires that companies doing business with the City give their employees the same domestic partner benefits as the City.
And creating a network of bicycle lanes--go San Francisco Bicycle Coalition!
I Heart San Fran baby!!! We've visited twice now and I can't wait to go back. I love the rolling hills although they kind of freak me out driving on them. I'm always afraid my brakes will go out.

We have really thought about moving somewhere like SF. However, as John put it we are putting up the good fight here in CO too.

And you know what? It's working. We are a purple state that is now trending blue!! We will have a Dem Gov. on Nov. 8th. We have one Dem Senator and the State Senate is Dem dominated!!! Plus, we will nearly sweep all the House races here this go around. Go-go Colorado!!!
Ah, the memories. (I lived in the Bay Area until 2 years ago.) Great post.

It's funny how the Living Wage law (and other quality of life laws like it) is always going to "drive business away" according to conservatives. Businesses are tripping over each other trying to locate in San Francisco, and they always will. A lot of people like those San Francisco values whether they admit it or not.
I fondly remember learning San Francisco's Values at my Italian-American Roman Catholic grade school in the midwest. The Franciscan Sisters of Saint Joseph taught us the values of San Francisco di Assisi by teaching us his prayer:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury,pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.
For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

I can see why Dubya, Gingrich, et. al. feel threatened by these values.
Long live San Fran!
James, Colorado is a great state and the idea of it going blue makes me very happy. Many fond childhood memories of CO and many good friends who still live there.

Tom, Julien...thanks! About the living wage law...when it was put in place, you right, it was all 'doom and gloom' the conservatives. But prices went up, ever so slightly, and we all just dealt.

Anonymous, thanks for the excellent quote!
You san franciscans need to get over yourselves. Yeah, your city is pretty cool, but theres no F-ing way I'll be living there or raising a family there.

You guys could use a dose of humility. Also, please start heading back to church. Jesus loves you!
You guys could use a dose of humility.

It's hard to be humble when the GOP spends half of its time attacking your city with legislation and the other half of its time turning your city into it's favorite bogeyman.

...but theres no F-ing way I'll be living there or raising a family there.

Your loss.
I would much rather have "San Francisco values" than Ted haggard values--

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