His Holiness Pope Fester I


OMG you owe me a new keyboard, Froggie.

*laughing harder - this time without a mouthful of pepsi*

That one I never saw coming.
Shi,shi, shi! Funny pics. Too bad we can't find some little pope action figures to go with the Kommandos.
I wish I had thought of that first. Good job, now everyone at works thinks I have lost it. Well, at least what little of it they think I had
OMG you owe me a new keyboard, Froggie.

Sewmouse...oh no I don't! I take no responsibility for what you snorted through your nose upon loading Blognonymous. You've been around here long enough to know better. ;-)

Peacechick...I like it! Some Holy Kommandos--doin' the Lords work here in Sodom by the Sea!

Me4Prez, glad to be of service.
That.IS. TOO. DAMN. MUCH!!!!!

good one :)
I coulda sworn I seen that guy selling Nuclear material to some Iranians in parking lot late one night, don't ask me what I was doing there...
Thanks Dusty!

Fred, sure he wasn't selling "nukuler material"? But setting that aside...are you saying that Il Papa should had for Iran instead of Turkey?
Did you see the pic posted where W has Moe's mop top photo shoped to his head? Boy, they look a lot alike.
mend relations between the pontiff and Muslims.
The first thing that popped into my mind as I read that article, was "WHY??" And the answer came back...because they are the fastest growing religion right now.

Politics. The Vatican is an extremely political unit, it's just disguised very well.

The pope, as well as other leaders, would do their followers much more good if they simply refused to meet with them - and exposed them for what they really are. Just another bunch of narrow minded Jesus Freaks out to control the world.
Thank god my mouth was empty when I saw that. I knew the Pope reminded me of someone!
Ah man, you did it again Frog!

Nice work!
Windspike...uh, uh. Where was it posted?

TFWY, but Islam isn't poaching too many potential converts from the ranks of Catholics. That honor is reserved for the evangelicals who are making big in roads in Central and South America.

Laura, I didn't occur to me at first either, but when it did...

PoliShifter. Thank you sir.
Froggie, I think Peacechick Mary is on to something - Kommandos for Krissake. Geez louize. Or something like that.

One classy photo.
holy christ!
...Politics. The Vatican is an extremely political unit, it's just disguised very well.

Disguised? I guess bein' raised RC, I never noticed any disguising of it. I've always seen the Pope-tarts as the last Kings of Europe. No disguises necessary when they wear such pretty gowns and aristocratic dresses.

Vivre le Fester!
The guy is scaring the world not only with his words but look at that face. Not the best spokesman for gentleness and love.
Diva, "Kommandos for Krissake"! :-) :-) Better than my original idea.

Graeme, makes you think doesn't it.

Michael, "Fester"? Is that a christian name?

PoP...it's those sunken eyes.
AHA! I KNEW he reminded me of somebody! THANK YOU! =)
I always thought Uncle Fester was the Pope (laughs)!!!
Now, I'm pretty sure about it!!!

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