Discrimination Blatant...And Subtle

This is the logo of
the Democratic Party. > >
< < Not this!

Apparently WHDH TV in Boston doesn't have a problem with the GOP's logo.


I like that logo. That would make a good tattoo
I don't know if I like either one. The first looks like the donkey is loosing it's head and the other like a donkey shot through with a star shaped bullet. Ah well. We should do one with the elephant peeing - Gee Oh Pee! They are definitely wetting their pants these days.
I like the donkey kicking up its heels. He looks nimble. I even like the red head, but then i'm partial that way. The other one looks like a stubborn numby that doesn't even realize there's a big target painted on its side. Reminds me of high school donkey basketball. Now why would Boston TV NOT use the current logo? ~~ D.K.
Both look like asses to me.
I don't mind them looking alike. It's when they start sounding alike.....
I'm just annoyed that with easy access to the logo's of each party, a TV station doesn't think that it's important to use the "official" logos of both parties.

Like I said...discrimination subtle.
I think I saw the same thing on CNN, just this morning. Personally, I don't like the new logo. The symbolism of that red head is telling.
Fred, that logo isn't actually new. I thing they've had that as the "official" logo for about a decade.

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