Discrimination Blatant...And Subtle, Part 2

In 1994 the GOP engineered a 26 seat advantage in the House after being in the minority for decades.
After 12 years in the minority the Democrats engineer a 29 seat advantage in the House.

Time Magazine considers the former a "Revolution". But the latter? Something else entirely.


An illustration with Dean on the back of a bucking Donkey, with the cation, "Yeeeeaaagh!!!" would be the sweet vindication I would have liked to seen.
That's typical of Time.
Pop is right I think. I used to sub to Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, and Time. I let them all lapse. All I was paying for was three different spins on the same stories. NOBODY "reports" the news anymore - they decide what the news is going to be, then spin it as favors them.
I think the Time cover is lame (it's Joe Klein, how could it not be?)...but in all fairness, Newsweek in 1994 had a cover depicting Gingrich as the Grinch (which a lot of freeper types are now whining about).

I think comparing two newsweekly covers from 12 years apart is just too random to be a reliable basis for reaching any kind of conclusions.

TIME 2007 Person of the Year? The Venn Diagram.
I have something cool to share:

Hey...I think you all will love this!

New movement launched...It's called The Congressional Committees Project.

Basically, it's the creation of a citizen media to watch over, report and push oversight on every congressional and senate committee.

Check it out via my page...http://declarationofpride.blogspot.com/2006/11/blog-citizen-congressional-senate.html

I really do think this is an amazing idea that you guys will be all over!

I am choosing to provide oversight to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Who do you want to report on?

Go to this Wiki page to pick http://www.dkosopedia.com/w/index.php?title=Congressional_Committees_Project
it's like they are wishing it would go away...haa haa - we are here to stay!!
yeah there's an elephant on steroids vs two boobs, tenderly touching in an abstract of the Bush-Lieberman kiss (which is probably due to happen again any moment). typical subliminal messaging. disgustingly effective. ~~ D.K.
I know that both sides of the political spectrum say that the MSM is biased against them, but I think that it's pretty clear. The MSM treats the Democrats with a sort of "low-level" contempt, and I think that this stems from the fact that Democrats simply refuse to adopt some of the uglier tactics of their opponents--even when it would do them some good.

The problem is that the MSM likes gutter tactics. They sell papers, bring in eyeballs, captivate listeners...and so the Democrats who don't help the MSM so much get the short shrift.
I am with Frederick, I would have loved the Dean image. Especially since I liked him more after his yell in Iowa. I like a politician with spunk.
That's total right wing BS right there.

And as far as the center goes- if it exists at all, it exists for the left to be suckered. I'm no fan of the DLC. It's like Kirk said about the Klingons- "Don't trust them.".
I'm with Frederick and Pam on this one. . .Thank God Dean is in the position he is! YEEAAAAHHHHHHHAHHH!
The corporate media has been trying to spin this whole election away from what it was all about, it's no wonder they're trying to downplay the victory.
Who needs print media anyway, when we still have the 'net?
I think Lew's got it right. This is the whole reason the MSM is in such dire straights and we all get our news from the net (for better or worse). Print media is so obviously biased, it's irrelevant. Though I'd observe that the MSM has probably come full circle--back to the days of pampheteers, when the news was bought and paid for.
Damn liberal media...
The "liberal mediums" are killing `em! What a slant...and pure bullshite.
Everyone knows the Democrats are not strong, dominant or powerful. Isn't this a fluke? That's what Rove thinks, and the message he is trying to convey. The corporatists have a strong self-interest in portraying this as a passing bump in the road and in minimizing the message being sent to the Republicans.
Take a look at the DLC's website. They are saying this election is a mandate for the glorious center.

This election however was not about a move to the center. It was about getting out of Iraq, cleaning up corruption, and putting the breaks on the runaway Bush Administration.

But the powers at be are not so quick to give up the power just yet. They're going to demand that Democrats work with Republicans even though Republicans have told Democrats to fuck off for the past 6 years.

And the DLC loves to work with Republicans and Bush so it shouldn't be a problem. Steny Hoyer will make it happen.

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