Classification - A get out of jail free card?

In a blow to attempts by liberal advocacy groups to expose Bu$hCo's unwarranted surveillance program, federal judge Ellen Segal Huvelle issued a ruling that gives support to using classification as a way of covering up illegal activity. She said in the case of People for the American Way v. NSA that, "...even if the program is ultimately determined to be illegal, it doesn't change the fact that the materials are classified and are not covered by the Freedom of Information Act."

Now I suppose we'll see a rush to classify everything about this administration's doings so that Bush and his cronies can ensure that they're not exposed to criminal liability. Classification is about to become just another tool of the would-be criminal, like money-laundering or multiple set's of books.


...and we have the market cornered on activist judges?! I don't think so.
we need to de-classify everything...this is absurd
Don't forget the ol signing statement! The rat bastard!
Your blog wouldn't load last night for me...it did just fine now...so I'm not the only one...just mostly.

Yeah...here we go again...judges without conscience...who knew?
I bet these bastards are going to have a "classified stamping" party ASAP. Yeah, the invitation will read: BYOS & IP..... bring your own stamper and ink pad.
Can I classify my credit card bills and say that even though I may owe them, they are classified?
I'll bet 99% of the classification requests are for Oval Office browser histories.
Fred, Sumo, I love activist judges, but only when they're on my side! ;-)

AZG, transparency in governing...now there's a concept!

TPM, hey, could we get classified signing statements. "I could tell you what my powers are, but that's classified and you'll just have to trust me."
Tina, "party"? Parties. "Stamp until you cramp!"

Me4Prez, you could do that, but your credit-card company has "need to know".

Mr_Blog, you think Rove is maybe surfing Monster.com?
Classification, I should have known. I knew they'd find a way to derail the investigations that they know are inevitable. I figured it would either be classifying everything or just "losing" all their important documents, like that 18-minute blank space on one of the Watergate tapes.
Signing statements, renditions, illegal wiretaps, recess appointments, and now classifications. What will it be next, a last-gasp attempt to stay in power by declaring martial law? This just gets more and more ridiculous.
The Bush administration is making the Nixon administration look like a bunch of honest men.
Nobody could have predicted the Classification Frenzy. Just, somebody wake me when this is over. I'm sticking my head in the oven for a while.
Worser and worser.
Activist judges come in all stripes, don' they?
P.S. have a great Thanksgiving Kvatch. Blog on, Blog on all.
I think Rove is probably searching for liberals' names at LinkedIn, trying to find a way to put them in the same network as Osama. Sort of a Sixteen Thousand Degrees of OBL.
Tom, I think that if they were going to go the erasure route, they'd have to do the whole 5 years.

Snave, I'm amazed at all the tricks Bu$hCo has up it's sleeve. Makes "Tricky Dick" look like a piker.

Diva, see above. We're going to see all 5 years disappear

Windspike. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Mr_Blog, :-) :-). I think that I'm already connected to Osama.
I found you through your comment on a post at R World. Like your stuff. I've written a couple of posts about the Bush Administration's distain for the Bill of Rights that might interest you.

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