Blognonymous Moves To The Left

Today Kvatch Kopf, famous frog and liberal commentator, announced that in response to the new political climate he will take Blognonymous even further to the left. "I plan to move my politics so far to the left that to move them further would place them off the page," said the amphibian. "My readers want speed. They want my commentary to leap onto the computer screen."

But some in the Frogsphere has suggested that maybe Mr. Kopf has gone too far. "This new emphasis on speed is not without a cost. Kvatch is emphasizing the now and ignoring his history," remarked Bill O'Reilly of Faux News. "If fact, I had a hard time even find his previous material before I discovered it at the end of his posts." For his part, Kvatch has determined that this is a bug...not a feature, and is actively working to correct the issue.


Onya froggy! I would have thought centre left was the natural home of the US leftist, so there is lots of room to move.
Enough of the whimpy left, lets have some real ball biting, red ragging!
I shall put the Internationale on my gramaphone to celebrate.
As long as it's not just a symbolic move.....
Politicians. Always pandering to one side or the other. Sigh....:)
Ya put your left foot in and shake it all about. Awaiting the hoochie koochie.
But if you move too far to the left, won't that put you on the right? Or am I still fuzzy as the result of too much pecan pie?
FAce it, K... you ARE what's LEFT! I love your blog, and I love the new look!!
You guys are great, but I've been working on this damn template all day and I can't figure out why it doesn't render correctly on the item page. The front page and the archive pages all render fine...and fast too!


Any of you Blogger people got a clue what I'm doing wrong? Blogger says it's a width problem on the sidebar content, but all I do is subtract items. I don't add any.
I'm looking over it now...ahhh easy fix my friend...try changing your template so that the side bar Div loads first...then main content.
Fred...you're right, it does fix the rendering problem (though I'm still not sure why), but the bigger issue remains.

One of the reasons for doing left-side content, and for having the template order the content first, was to get it to load ahead of all of the blogrolling stuff. Blogrolling has been a real problem lately. I'm getting delays that were causing readers to leave Blognonymous before anything in the post section would render. Very frustrating.

Any ideas on what causes the post pages to render correctly when the sidebar stuff is first?
Well, I saved your page source as an .HTM and opened it up in both Firefox and IE. The only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with the margins and/or a problem with declaring absolute vs relative positions of your main content. I was busy typing up a long post, as well as having some fun with photoshop, so I'll take another look tomorrow. I'll say this though, at least your scripts aren't the tangled mess my lazy ass has made of my site.
Loading fast now. Thanks. I need my Blognonyfix.
Well Frog, there is the Right, and the Center, and then anything left of center is Fringe, unhinged, looney, insane, activist, and pontially providing aid and comfort to the terrorists.

Welcome aboard. Bush says Hello...He'll be reading regularly now.

PS - if you disappear I will look in Gitmo for you. Hopefully they have a pond or creek down there for frogs.
Fred, I switched from using absolute positions to negative widths (a cool little trick that makes the CSS much cleaner), but as I said that seemed to cause the problem on the item page.

Praguetwin...that's great, but if you see any problems in the future, please let me know at my Gmail address.

Well Polishifter, I think that I'm about as left as it gets. :-) Though I don't for a second believe that Bush is gonna be reading this little blog. Alberto maybe...but not Bush.

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