America - Where Even Torture Is Classified

While the neocons abandon the President like rats off of a sinking ship and the military calls for Rumsfeld's resignation, you may have missed a little post-Military Commissions Act drama taking place in the US District Court in Washington.

Seems that the CIA is trying to prevent a "high-value" detainee from talking to his lawyer because it might reveal details about how and where the suspect was tortured. Specifically, agency Infomation Review Officer Marilyn Dorn argues that such information is classified TOP-SECRET/SCI because its disclosure would be very damaging, allowing our enemies to develop ways of resisting harsh interrogation techniques.

But frankly, this is all a Bu$hCo smokescreen. Under the Military Commissions Act, detainees have no access to the US court system. So Majid Kahn's lack of access to his lawyer is not relevant. Moreover, Bu$hCo has shown no reluctance to talk about interrorgation techniques when they feel it's in their interest to do so, making the disclosure issue irrelevant as well.

What is not irrelevant is a court ruling stating that prison locations and torture techniques are TOP-SECRET information, because with such a ruling in hand, Bu$hCo could go after anybody--a citizen, a lawyer, a reporter, an editor--anybody who might be tempted to embarrass the administration.

Bu$hCo couldn't care less about detainees, their target here is the public and the press--their goal is to put in place a mechanism for silencing their critics.


This is precisely why the Dems simply MUST gain the majority. If Nancy Pelosi refuses to even talk about impeachment, then maybe we pissed off Dems can put pressure on them to do something-- anything-- about this horrific blight upon our Constitution.
Just another step towards the dictatorship!
I'm in whole-hearted agreement that Pelosi should step aside in the battle for the leadership, and I've said as much to her campaign hacks. It's hard...I can understand the perspective that we should present an agenda and try to get it enacted, but then I think what greater agenda can there be than protecting the Constitution from further assualts by Bu$hCo.

Ron...this one is subtle, but could have devastating effects on the press.
Waterboarding may be the tip of the iceberg if all the stories are ever told about the detainee "program". I have to believe that The Military Commissions Act will eventually be overturned in court but that will take years. Until then watch your back.
If the accusations against the “high-value” individual in the article are true I don’t see why he could not have been brought to trial without "alternate interrogation". Bush has made a mockery of the U.S. justice system.
When I wear my tinfoil hat outside and it's raining hard, all the noise of the raindrops causes me to wonder if 9/11 was a plan outsourced from here, Iraq was pre-planned (it definitely was), and it's all just a ruse for passing laws to reach the real goal. The total and silent control of America.

Does tinfoil shrink in the dryer?
Okay, let me try this again. The Military Commissions Act gives Der Fuehrer the power to decide who has a right to a Court Hearing and who doesn't. They stripped Habeas Corpus out of our Constitution and destroyed not only our Constitution, but what America was for over Two Hundred Years.

They gave Der Fuehrer the right too arrest American Citizens, hold and detain them for as long as they want, with no right to a Court Hearing.

They can arrest Kvatch, me and you for voicing comments that they feel are a Hostile Act against the United States and label us enemy combatants.

They don't give a Fuck about what anyone thinks. He's the Decider and he will Decide whats best for us.

Is that clear or do you still think he gives a damn.

Those Treasonous Traitors also gave him the power now to Federalize Troops against States wishes and use them in other States against there wishs. They would be used against American Citizens who are marching, protesting or dissenting against the Government. We are under a Dictatorship and if things go as I think they will on Tuesday he may show his true evil to all of us shortly after he loses all his support in the Congress.

Be ready to see the madman totally lose it. It won't be pretty, thats for sure.

God Bless all.
Researcher...welcome to Blognonymous.

Getting the information classified as TS/SCI makes the penalty for disclosing it anything up to and including the death penalty. That'll pretty much give the administration veto power over the press w.r.t. reporting on anything having to do with secret prisons, torture, or indefinite detention.
I think this administration has devolved to the point that now its priority is saving face.

Bush won't admit mistakes because he doesn't want to be seen as weak. He seems to think he is infallible, or he seems to want to portray himself as such, so any deviation from his plans (which are apparently set in stone) would represent weakness.

He won't admit Iraq is a mistake or that things are not going well there; that his efforts on Social Security were flawed and mistaken; he won't fire Cheney or Rumsfeld... Anything Bush does at this point will be with an aim toward trying to make him and his party look the "least worst" they can.
"The people whose lives, day in and day out, pass in a monotony of hopelessness are many; they are the mainstay of modern society. The alarm of mobilization breaks into their lives like a promise; the familiar and long-hated is overthrown, and the new and unusual reigns in its place. Changes still more incredible are in store for them in the future. For better or worse? For the better, of course what can seem worse to Popischil than “normal” conditions?"

What a freaking topsy turvy world.
I cry when I think what this deamon has done to our country in just 6 years.

I cry harder when I realize that some people still believe he was a better choice than Mr. Gore or Mr. Kerry.

My entire heart goes straight out of me when I realize that some of those people are in my immediate family and nothing that I say or do is going to reverse the damage done by Rush Limbauh, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News.

I will vote on Tuesday. But I will not watch the election results. I don't have the strength left to watch my country being destroyed by "faulty" voting machines and election theft yet again.

I was angry during the Vietnam era. This time I'm depressed, sad and heartsick.
Snave, Bush definitely seems to have lost his bead on reality, but his actions so far aren't helping the Republican party, so I'm not so sure about your "least worst" theory. Anyway, what we're seeing now is nothing compared to what we'll see after the House is in Democratic hands.

Sewmouse, take heart. The Local Crank said something interesting on a different post. He mentioned that the creation of uniform election standards is solely in the hands of the House...may not even be subject to the executive (as in a veto). If true, a motivated House could at least correct the issue of a flawed election process. Here's to hoping.

Fred, change...sure, but revolutionary change...not so sure.
I missed seeing this story. Unbelievable. This line from the article says it all:

Kafka-esque doesn't do it justice. This is 'Alice in Wonderland.'

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