The Mouth of Sauron (R PA)

Santorum started this with his bonehead Lord of the Rings comparison. I'm just taking it to it's logical conclusion.

Coincidence? I don't think so!

Blame D.K. Raed. It's his fault for getting me thinking along these lines. :-)


(gasp) I think we've just found Santorum's night job! i've forgotten, was the mouth of sauron an uber-orc, or? Don't make me read the trilogy again, I'll be lost to the real world for months. ps, i'm always happy to inspire such horrific moments, kvatch! ~~ D.K.
That's priceless! It would make a great television ad.
I kinda wish Frodo and Samwise dropped Santorum down into Mount Doom.
i've forgotten, was the mouth of sauron an uber-orc, or?

D.K., no I don't think so. He was a man, a minion of Sauron much like Saruman. And really, I should thank you for this one. As I always say, very little of what I write isn't inspired by my readers and their comments or by other blogs. So...thanks!

Kathy, thanks, and you're right it would! :-)

R-bE, oooooh! Now there's a thought!
That is awesomely funny.
Santorum's smile may be straighter, but his ethics are more twisted.
Thanks Tom. Santorum's probably getting too much of my attention, but I just couldn't resist.

Lew...but check out those teeth. What an opportunity for orthodontia!
Oh, that's rich!
You can tell he's crooked because his eyes are squinty.
Mike, I've always found that you just can't go wrong blog-wise with a 'separated at birth' comparison.

Sumo, well for The Mouth, I would have said it's because the eyes are missing. :-)

Talk about kicking it up a notch! Nice job!
Excellent work frog!

Colbert compared to McCain to Gollum. No one's sure what side he's on but everyone knows he's looking out for himself first..
Hey Gary, Polishifter...thanks! Before doing the comparison, I wasn't sure that it was all that close, but look at the result...

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